PaintSupreme Free Full Version License Key @ GOTD

PaintSupreme is an easy-to-use but full featured drawing and painting application as well as the perfect editor for your pictures. With an easy-to-use and cool user interface, paired with a wide range of features that can compete with any other image editor, PaintSupreme provides users with a very cool environment for creating, editting, and polishing their images.

With this tool you get access to layer based image editing, color adjusting tools, selection tools, painting and retouching tools, text tools, various filters, transform tools, and vector tools. Add, support for Wacom graphic tablets, you get a powerful versatile and flexible image editing application.


PaintSupreme Key Features:

  • Create, edit and polish images with an easy-to-use and fun user interface.
  • Layer-based editing with an unlimited amount of layers. Lots of powerful layer-based editing options (merge, group, lock etc.)
  • Powerful selection tools: Freehand, ellipse and lasso. Selections can be joined, subtracted and intersected and can also be loaded and saved.
  • Sophisticated but easy to use tools with a lot of powerful options, like the Brush, Pen, Magic Wand, Gradient, Erasure, Clone and Paint Bucket tools.
  • Various transform, color adjustment and text tools.
  • Support of vector shapes which can be used as a shape source for the pixel tools and which can be converted to selections.
  • Guides and rulers make it easy to orientate and paint within sub-parts of the image.
  • Various filters to polish your images and photos.
  • Import and export of many external image formats.

PaintSupreme Free Full Version License Key / Serial Number

PaintSupreme is normally priced at $19.99 per serial number / license key, but you can download PaintSupreme full version free and legal from Giveaway of the Day for today only (September 16, 2012). Don’t miss it. Visit GOTD Page.