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Panda Global Protection 2012 Free 6 Months Serial Key

Enjoy total security and ensure information integrity with Panda Global Protection 2012. Panda Global Protection 2012 is the most comprehensive solution in Panda Security’s retail product lineup for home computer users. Out of the three main security programs offered by Panda lab, including Internet Security and Antivirus Pro, the Global Protection suite has the widest variety of features and tools, making it ideal for highly active users with the most demanding protection needs.

Panda Global Protection 2012 features a highly effective antivirus engine and unique Collective Intelligence technology to protect against known and unknown malware; a firewall with WiFi security to block intruders and hackers; a safe browser for opening suspicious websites, a USB vaccine for blocking infections from USB-connected devices,  a virtual keyboard for securely entering passwords, and a network manager for blocking threats from within your own network. Coupled with these security tools is an extensive collection of awards and certifications from third-party test labs.

Panda Global Protection 2012 Free 6 Months Serial Key

Panda Global Protection 2012 is normally priced at $71.99 per 1-year single license for 1 PC, which is is considerably more expensive than the competitors, and come with a 30 days trial like other security software. If you don’t like the usual 30 days trial then here is an promotion offer to download full version Panda Global Protection 2012 with 6 months Serial key / Activation code for totally free of charge.

Registration & Download: For Russian speaker, registration and download of Panda Global Protection 2012 should not be a problem. But if you do not know Russian and still want to try, you may need to follow the below screenshots. Total Convert to English can also be found below.

1. Download Panda Global Protection 2012 using this link or this link (Free 6 months Russian version) and install it. Follow the below screenshots if you do not know Russian language.

2. The installation is now finished. You can see that you have a 180 days free, Russian version of Panda Global Protection 2012.

3. Check your email, you will find an email from “ ” with your Customer Number and free 6 months Serial Key / Activation Code. I find this email in my spam folder.

Dear user,

You have successfully activated your Panda Global Protection 2012 a license – Promotional six months.

Below are your customer number and activation code. These data are necessary to activate additional licenses.

Customer Number: 661400xxx

Activation code: L5YBL2P-77894xxx

4. Change the user interface to English. Now download Panda Global Protection 2012 free 1 months trial English version from this link, and active full version with received  Customer Number & Serial key.

The procedure is a little lengthy but it’s worth doing for an excellent security product. Anyway, if you think it too hard for you, you may download the Panda Global Protection 2013 free beta or download a free 3 months trial version of Panda Global Protection 2012.

Updated: The old promo (shared on Apr 23, 2012) is still working and I find a a new promo for Panda Global Protection 2012.  I change the date published for this post to make it up.

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