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Paragon Go Virtual 2015 Free Download

Windows 10 is finally out. The new Windows promises many improvements and increased performance, such as the return of the practical start menu and compatibility with all devices: PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. And the good thing is that the upgrade is completely free of charge for most Windows 7 and 8.1 users!

So are you ready for the next iteration of Windows? Are you planning to update your system right now? Be well-prepared before you make the switch: why not keep your existing system in a virtual environment? This way, you can be on the safe side and access the applications you need, even if they don’t (yet) run perfectly on your new Windows 10 system.

Paragon Go Virtual 2015 is a a free virtualization software that allows you to create a virtual clone of your existing Windows system – including all of its applications and settings – in just a few clicks. This clone lets you run your systems in a virtual environment such as Oracle VirtualBox or VMware Player (or even in Linux environments) and use them virtually the same as ever.

Key Features

Most functionality of the product is offered through handy intuitive wizards, that’s why not only IT pros, but also inexperienced users can find it easy and efficient.

System Requirements:

Note: Paragon Go Virtual 2015 does not support virtualization of Windows 10 systems.

Paragon Go Virtual 2015 Free Download Product Key / Serial Number

Paragon Go Virtual 2015 is free to use. You just need to visit this Paragon page and submit required details. You’ll shortly receive a confirmation mail with all needed details (product key, serial number, as well as the download link). Please check your spam/junk folder, in case you do not receive such a mail.

Thanks very much to Goodwin and Matt for sending in the news!

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