PCSuite Defrag Pro Full Version Serial Number For Free

Disk fragmentation is generally the primary cause of slow and unstable PC performance. It is known that every hard drive begins its life as a series of well-organized, neatly arranged and sequential files. However, when files are created, deleted, or modified it’s almost a certainty they will become fragmented. This means the file is not stored in one place in its entirety, or what computer folks like to call a contiguous location. Different parts of the file are scattered across the hard disk in noncontiguous pieces. The more fragmented files there are on a drive, the more performance and reliability suffer as the drive heads will have to travel through the disk to read the files.

PCSuite Defrag Pro is a program that can speeds up your PC many times over by optimizing your hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, etc. The combination of 3-zone optimization and automatic background optimization protects your PC or external hard drive from refragmentation, guaranteeing optimum system performance all the time. In addition, there are another 8 optimization methods available, such as moving data to the beginning or end of the medium or sorting files according to access, which allow you to optimize your medium in a specific way for your particular purposes. PCSUITE DEFRAG PRO is the ideal solution for office, leisure and gaming systems.

PCSuite Defrag Pro

PCSuite Defrag Pro Key Features:

  • Innovative 3-zone optimization algorithm for maximum performance and preventing refragmentation
  • Background defragmentation with automatic adjustment of system load
  • Sequential and parallel optimization of data storage media, partitions and files
  • Freely definable exception list of files that should be excluded from the optimization process
  • Extensive task scheduling for fully automatic defragmentation of data storage media with an adjustable CPU load
  • Monitors your data storage media in the background and automatically carries out defragmentation when a defragmentation level is exceeded
  • Visualizes the status of the data storage medium and its defragmentation
  • Version for limited user accounts that can be activated/deactivated at the administrator’s discretion
  • Preparations for repartitioning: moves your data to the start/end of a partition to be able to increase or reduce partitions.

PCSuite Defrag Pro Full Version Serial Number For Free

PCSuite Defrag Pro is normally priced at $19.99 per serial number / license key. But there is a promotion going on, which will allow you to get this product for free of cost. Bellow are the simple steps which will enable you to get the free Full Version Serial Number of PCSuite Defrag Pro.

1. Go to the giveaway page (in Deutsch language), only enter your email and hit “Seriennummer anfordern” ( Seriennummer anfordern = Request serial number) button.

PCSuite Defrag Pro Giveaway

2. You will soon receive an email from [email protected], including your free Serial Number / License key for PCSuite Defrag Pro.  If the e-mail hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes, please check your spam, bulk or junk mail folder to locate it.

PCSuite Defrag Pro Free License Key

3. Download PCSuite Defrag Pro from this direct link. Install and Use the free Serial Number / License key you got to active the Pro Full version.

Register PCSuite Defrag Pro Full version free

Updated: The old promo (shared on Jul 20, 2011 ) has expired but I find another new time limited free giveaway for this software. I change the date published for this post to make it up.