PCWinSoft SuperLauncher Serial Number for Free

PCWinSoft SuperLauncher is a hot key program launcher, a scheduler and a task reminder that all together works as a productivity booster shortenning significantly the time taken to get to those programs, folders, documents and websites you are just opening and re-openning all the time. SuperLauncher sets itself apart from the competition because of its extreme ease of use. All you have to do to add new shortcuts to SuperLauncher is drag whatever program, folder, document or website you want, and drop it over SuperLauncher’s small desktop window. Wizards instantly let you associate keyboard hotkeys and set up one or more scheduled times for execution. And a shortcut manager is included for taking care of complementary and advanced tasks such as shortcut grouping, editing, deleting, and so on. Moreover, SuperLauncher includes a in-built scheduler that gives you the ability to schedule tasks or groups of tasks to run once or many times over a period. Windows tasks can also be scheduled including system shutdown, restart, hibernate, standby, and logoff. Taking advantage of its scheduling features SuperLauncher can also be used as a personal task reminder program that can alert you of appointments, birthdays and other events via pop-up dialog, desktop alert, or application launching, helping you to keep track of upcoming and recurring events.

SuperLauncher is perfect for people and businesses looking to boost their productivity without having to increase working hours and most importantly without increasing stress levels. Working environments get more and more demanding every day and your health and that of your employees should be your number one priority. SuperLauncher might not be able to solve all problems related to stress at work but it can certainly help.

PCWinSoft SuperLauncher

PCWinSoft SuperLauncher Key Features:

  • Map any file, folder, program, or web address to a keyboard hotkey combination or mouse click.
  • Create new shortcuts simply by dragging and dropping items into the SuperLauncher window.
  • Run applications automatically at any hour that you want.
  • Perform system tasks such as shut down or reboot.
  • Set automated reminders of important events.


PCWinSoft SuperLauncher Serial Number for Free

PCWinSoft SuperLauncher normally charges $29.9 per license key / serial number. Bitsdujour are having a giveaway of  PCWinSoft SuperLauncher, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. Not sure for how long this offer will stay free, so if you’re interested get it now before it’s too late.

Go to the developer’s promotion page: Link 1 | Link 2 | link 3 | Link 4 | Link 5 and follow on-screen instructions to register, download and activate the product.

Best Freeware Alternative to PCWinSoft SuperLauncher

1, Swizztool

SwizzTool is a multi-function software application with a hot key program launcher, an alarm/reminder, Built-in Memo and Clipboard manager with easy access to open URLs and search various Internet sites. SwizzTool allows you to create personal reminders and automated tasks that can play a sound, display a message or launch a program at a specified date/time, weekday or after a countdown has elapsed. From the built in hotkey-editor you can create global hotkeys that can execute programs and alarms, hotkeys can also be set to control the volume among other things. SwizzTool also contains a memo to save notes. From this Memo you can also create new alarms and search on the Internet.

[Download & Learn more about SwizzTool]

2, Hotkeyz

If all you need is to create hotkey combinations to start frequently used apps, try freeware Hotkeyz.. HotKeyz is a keyboard utility that will boost your productivity and it is really fun to use. HotKeyz lets you easily create and maintain a categorized list of your hotkeys. Each hot-key, a key combination on your keyboard, will launch a command. You decide which commands go with which hot-keys.Some of these commands are internal HotKeyz commands and the rest are Windows commands. HotKeyz will help you to manage repetitive tasks on your PC with speed and minimal effort.

[Download & Learn more about HotKeyz]

3, PowerPro

PowerPro lets you take control of how you use Windows. Run commands and configure your system any way you want. PowerPro gives you a compact and powerful launch bar, menu, hot key, and scripting. But this is just the start. With a little experimenting with its configuration, you’ll find that you can use PowerPro to change the way you work with your system.

[Download & Learn more about PowerPro]