PhoneClean 2: Freeware to Free Up Disk Space on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

With usage and time, Apple iOS devices, namely iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, accumulate long-term caches, temp and off-line junk files generated by Apps or due to failed iTunes syncs. Apart from taking up space on an iOS device, they may devour memory resources and slow down the iPhone when launching Apps. If you are looking for a simple and fast solution to free up space on your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, then PhoneClean 2 from iMobie software is a comfortable fit.

PhoneClean is an iPhone maintenance freeware (for both Windows and Mac) that aims to get more space on iPhone, iPad, iTouch and to keep all iOS devices running fast without jailbreaking. This free tool will safely find and remove all kinds of iOS system junk files to cleanup and speedup your idevices: find and remove hidden temp files, cleanup corrupt media files produced by iTunes failed syncs, delete cookies and script files on your iPhone before backing it up to iTunes or iCloud to prevent the leak or the abuse of your personal information, deletes cache and offline files in order to slim your Apps and keep your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running fast. By eliminating these cumbersome caches and temp files, PhoneClean will generally reclaim up to 40% free space.

PhoneClean 2

PhoneClean Key Features:

  • Delete Hidden Junk Files – Quickly finds and removes all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch App temporary files, which are generated during complex calculations and data exchanges.
  • Clear cache & off-line files – Deletes cache and off-line files, which are created to speed up files access temporarily. But over time they may take up over 1 Gigabyte ridiculously
  • Remove Cookie & Script Files – To prevent the leak of your personal info, PhoneClean helps to clean up the cookie & script files on your iPhone before backing it up to iTunes or iCloud.
  • Cleanup Corrupt Files – PhoneClean quickly strikes out these sync-failed or non-associated iTunes media files so as to bring up more free space to you.
  • For PC & Mac – Works for both PC and Mac, fully compatible with Windows XP / Vista/ 7/ 8, Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.
  • Works on all generation of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Download PhoneClean Freeware

Download PhoneClean by clicking the link below to free up disk space on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Download: v2.2.0.20130531 for Windows | 3.9 MB

Download: v2.2.0.20130531 for Mac | 1.5 MB

Visit PhoneClean 2: Home Page

Note: If PhoneClean cannot find your device, please check if your iTunes has been installed properly.

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