PhotoAcute Studio 2.96 Professional Free Full Version Serial Key

PhotoAcute Studio is an all-in-one professional multi-shot processing application for enhancing the quality of photos taken with digital cameras and camera phones. It increases image resolution, reduces noise without losing image details, removes chromatic aberrations and vignetting, and corrects brightness of overexposed and underexposed parts of the picture. You will get an amazing image quality improvement without changing your camera.

PhotoAcute Studio produces a combined image from sets of photographs taken in continuous mode, thus acquiring more graphic information than is available from any one photograph. Using sophisticated proprietary algorithms, it combines the individual frames to produce one large-sized and high-quality image that could only be taken with much better camera. This kind of technique is usually called “super-resolution processing”. Unlike digital zooming and image sharpening, the photographs produced by PhotoAcute Studio do really have higher spatial resolution. Small, thin and far-away objects, traceries, textures and inscriptions become recognizable.

PhotoAcute Studio

PhotoAcute Studio supports wide range of cameras – from mobile phone cameras to high-end DSLR cameras. It supports RAW image format providing the maximum image quality for professional photographers. RAW-in-RAW-out processing allows adding PhotoAcute to any existing workflow – simply use the resulting images in your workflow as they were the photos taken with a better camera!

PhotoAcute Studio 2.96 Professional Key Features

  • Image resolution increase beyond camera capabilities
  • Noise reduction without losing image details
  • Correction of image geometry
  • Correction of chromatic aberrations
  • Expansion of dynamic range
  • Brightness equalization
  • Depth of field expansion

PhotoAcute Studio Usage Scenarios

  • Take photographs with resolution beyond normal matrix capabilities
  • Take incredibly good photographs in low-light conditions
  • Automatically restore scenes overlapped with unwanted moving objects
  • Take photographs of dark objects on a back-lit background
  • Get high-quality still frames from video


PhotoAcute Studio 2.96 Professional Free Full Version Serial Key

PhotoAcute Studio Professional is normally priced at $149 per serial number / license key. But the developer of PhotoAcute Studio has teamed up with c’t Digital Photography magazine to giveaway PhotoAcute Studio 2.96 Professional for free (Windows & Mac OS X and Linux via Wine). The giveaway is now live and will last till 1 Feb 2014.

PhotoAcute Studio 2.96 Professional is not the latest version on its branch because the developer has released PhotoAcute Studio 3 software sometime ago. But this does not mean in any way that PhotoAcute Studio 2.96 Pro is useless or obsolete. The features available are still current and compatible with the needs of a regular user.

Visit the promo page here, enter your name and email address to request your free license. Your registration details will be sent to you by email in a few minutes. Remember…check your spam, your serial may send to this place after you sent the requests.

Download PhotoAcute 2.96 from this page and install it. To register, launch PhotoAcute Studio, click Settings button, then Registration button, and copy-paste the registration information (Registered to & Registration codes) to the form. You will need to register with the first code and then with the second one.

Here is the proof:

PhotoAcute Studio 2.96 Professional Full Version

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