Playfire & GMG Giveaway: Free Download 4 Full Version PC Games

Green Man Gaming has partnered with Playfire to give away Four completely free PC download games. Games include: Zombies., Ninja Blade, Unstoppable Gorg, and Superstars V8 Next Challenge. The free game giveaway extravaganza begins at 1200 GMT Friday 8th, with each free game being available to purchase for 24 hours, and once you download/activate them, they’re yours for as long as you’d like!

1, Zombies, becomes FREE for 24 hours from 1200 GMT Friday 8th. Zombies. is an office-themed arena shooter Zombies. An isometric rampage through the deep, dark, dungeons of bureaucracy. Defend yourself from buzzword-spewing Zombie Project Managers and wreck the office with chainsaws, bats, swords, guns, and Molotov Cocktails.Fight through office buildings, parking garages, and rooftops against the brain-dead corporate culture that would enslave you. The only zombie game that’s not about zombies.

2, Ninja Blade, available from 1200 GMT Saturday 9th for 24 hours, completely FREE! Ninja Blade offers a fresh twist to the classic ninja saga by basing all 3D gaming maps directly from the actual skyscrapers and building tops in modern day Tokyo, where parasites known as alpha-worms have mysteriously appeared, unleashing a wave of human destruction as they rapidly spread east, reaching the shores of Tokyo. With the future of humankind hanging in the balance, an exclusive and elite team possessing highly specialized skills is formed to eliminate the enemy onslaught, and ultimately save mankind from complete obliteration. You are a modern-day ninja after all, using a katana, twin swords and broad sword as the main weapon to the hostile creatures.

3, Unstoppable Gorg, available from 1200 GMT Saturday 10th for 24 hours, FREE! Get ready to experience a revolution in tower defense that will send you spinning. Unstoppable Gorg is a thrilling space defense game inspired by vintage sci-fi films from the 1950s. Expect wholesome heroes, rubbery aliens and dodgy special effects as we pay homage to a great era of film. In Unstoppable Gorg you defend our solar system from the relentless march of a fearsome alien race by sending satellites into orbit around planets, moons and space stations. Unlike other tower defense style games, in Unstoppable Gorg you can move your satellites around their orbits to best defend against each wave, a convention defying mechanic that brings new vitality and interaction to the tower defense genre.

4, Dive into Superstars V8 Next Challenge, available from 1200 GMT Monday 11th for 24 hours, completely FREE! Superstars V8 Next Challenge is a car racing game based on the Black Bean racing series developed by Milestone. Featuring a variety of licensed top V8 production class cars, it twill rip you out of your chair and put you right on the track for an incredible driving experience. Milestone brings the emotion of the 4 wheels to a track based racing game where the players will have the chance to prove their skill against 18 opponents determined to get to the top position. No room for mistakes.

It’s pretty easy to download these games for free. First, you need to have a GMG account, a Playfire account (where you’ll be able to track your games!) and then to follow this very quick step to link those accounts! It’s better to do that before Friday 1200 GMT, and you’ll just start getting free games! Each game can be download free for only 24 hours but after downloading, you can keep them permanently!  More info on the giveaway page here.