PresentationTube Recorder Pro 3.0 Free Download Full Version @ GOTD

PresentationTube Recorder Pro is a simple tool that provides a video presentation recorder and video sharing network to help instructors, students, virtual presenters, and business professionals easily produce and share effective video presentations. The desktop recorder allows you record PowerPoint video presentations from the comfort of your home or office, and without the need to have Internet connection while recording. It synchronizes a variety of visual aids, including presenter’s audio and video, PowerPoint slides, webcam streaming, drawing board, whiteboard and web browser to generate video presentations ready for uploading to PresentationTube network.

The PresentationTube video sharing network allows presenters to publish their video presentations and involve the audience via scrollable slide thumbnails, comments, and quizzes. Video presentations can be used in regular classrooms, flipped classrooms, home revisions, e-learning courses, blended learning environments, distance education settings, virtual conferences, and business orientations. Sample videos or showcases created using PresentationTube recorder are available here.


 PresentationTube Free Download Full Version

PresentationTube is normally priced at $50 per serial number/ license key. Giveaway of the Day (GOTD) are having a giveaway of PresentationTube Recorder Pro 3.0, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for today only (24 hours on June 05, 2014). Act fast to grab your free copy.

Go to the promo page here during giveaway period to download the giveaway package. Unzip the package you’ve downloaded, and carefully read the instructions which you can find in the readme.txt file. Follow the instructions carefully to install and activate the software. You have to install and activate it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over.