Process Lasso Pro 4.0 Activation Code For Free

Process Lasso is a process priority optimizer designed to speed up your Windows computer. The program uses a unique new technology to monitor your system and intelligently adjusts the priority of running programs based on a computer’s condition, this helps to improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability during periods of high CPU loads.This feature is called ProBalance, dynamic priority optimization.

In addition, Process Lasso offers capabilities such as default process priorities and affinities, automatically terminate undesired processes, apply default priorities and CPU affinities to processes, limit the number of instances a process can have, prevent PC sleep while specified processes are running, enter High Performance power scheme for specified processes, log all processes, Automatic gaming mode, and much more. In essence, it is an all-in-one automated Windows process tuner.

Process Lasso main window

Process Lasso main window - Click to Enlarge

Process Lasso Key Features :

  • Dynamic priority optimization: Balance process priorities (or CPU affinities) in a safe, effective manner to improve PC responsiveness during high loads and prevent system stalls and micro-lags.
  • Automated Process Control
  • Unique system responsiveness graph
  • Instance Count Limit
  • Power Scheme Automation
  • Instance Count Limit
  • Multi-Core Optimization
  • No System Registry Values Changed
  • Independent Core Engine
  • Minimal Resource Use

How to get Process Lasso Pro 3.8 Activation Code For Free ?

Process Lasso Pro normally costs around $25 for purchase and comes with a 14  days full version trial. Now, you can download Process Lasso Pro 3.8 with activation code for free (The latest version is Process Lasso Pro 4.0).

Download Process Lasso 3.8 Full Version [2.08 MB, both 32 and 64 bit version]

Updated: Key also works with the new version 4.0 (Thanks to Naits)

Download Process Lasso Pro 4 latest version 32 Bit.

Download Process Lasso Pro 4 latest version 64 Bit.

Free Activation Code: ALPHA4-BETA16-GAMMA2

After installing the program you are prompted to enter the activation code above. Please copy the individual columns (without hyphen) and paste it into the appropriate fields. You can visit the Process Lasso Pro 3.8 Giveaway Page for more details.

Process Lasso runs on all editions of Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, and Windows 7.

Updated: Time Limited offer Get Process Lasso Pro 6.0 Free Full Version Activation Code