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PureSync: Compare, Synchronize and Backup Files over FTP/ Computers

PureSync is a powerful and reliable free file synchronize and backup tool that makes it possible to keep the contents of two or more folder in sync with each other in a variety of ways. There are numerous uses for such a tool, you can sync files between computers and USB drives for easy portability, between computers and external hard drives to create backups, and between cameras and computers so that images can be edited and shared.

The interface is quite attractive and intuitive. After installing PureSync, launch the program from the Start menu and a wizard should appear, giving you a option of to create a new job of a synchronizing, backup, photo-sync or transfer files between computers. All the jobs is done through a wizard dialog that helps users set up and save synchronizations, making it easy to set up syncing even if you’ve never done it before.

For instance New Synchronization wizard will ask you to define two folders or ftps to be synced in first step.

In next step, you can specify any filters to exclude specific file types from the folder, and set deletion option for folder.

At the next screen, you can configure automatic syncing options. A synchronization can be started automatically e.g. when a digital camera is plugged in or a file has been modified. You can also tick the Scheduled box and use the Define Schedule button to choose how frequently the backup job should be run.

Now, specify an action after the synchronization is completed.

And in last step name the job to quickly begin sync process. The program then displays each created job in a list at the right-side of the program window so that users can find and execute particular synchronizations with ease.

Your synchronization job can be run manually whenever you want by clicking the Start Synchronization button, but it will automatically run on your chosen schedule anyway. Users can view a comparison between the source and destination folders before running the synchronization, ensuring that there are no surprises after the sync is complete.

The wizard for other options like Backup and Photo-Sync are more or less same as doing synchronization.

FireSync is free for personal use, and it  runs on all Windows based OS. Download PureSync from this link.

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