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Everyone knows It’s better to back up their data from time to time, but not everyone does. This is often because backing up data can be a hassle. Oops!  Then there are a lot of backup and restore tools to help you with this.The goal of this type of software should be to make backing up your computer an easy and largely automated process, and Oops! Backup accomplishes this goal.  Unlike many other backup programs, Altaro  Oops!Backup takes snapshots of the state of your folders and data over time which allows you to go back and undo any changes you had made on your files at any point in time.

Altaro  Oops!Backup costs $37 for a single PC license. I think it is worth the money,But there is a also a way that you can get a Oops!Backup lifetime license for FREE.

Altaro  Oops!Backup Key Features :

* Very Fast & Reliable Backup
With Oops!Backup you can rest assured that your data is protected every time you make a change – without slowing down your PC.

* Fully Automatic – Never Forget to Back Up Anymore
Detects file changes automatically and versions and backs up the files for you.

* Double-Protection with Backup Drive Redundancy
Automatically keep a double-backup to protect against theft, fire or losing of your backup drive.

* Fantastically Easy to Use with BackInTime Technology
Oops!Backup has been designed from the ground up to be easy and a pleasure to use.

* Automatic Backup on Connect with Plug & Protect™ – for Laptop Users
Automatically initiates a backup when once the backup drive is connected to the computer.

* Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for Best Protection
Highly tuned file-change-detection technology makes sure that you are protected at all times.

* Back up directly to a UNC path
Backing up to a server or NAS using UNC paths makes it easy to protect computers when on a network.

* Back up to NAS, Network Drive & USB
Choose the locations where you want to back up to; offices can choose to backup to their server or NAS drive.

* Save Space – Only back up sections of files that changed using ReverseDelta™ Technology
Using its ReverseDelta™ incremental technology, Oops!Backup will only back up the actual changes you make to a file – without needing to back up the whole file again every time you make a change.

How to Get Oops!Backup lifetime license for FREE ?

To get your free Oops!Backup license you need to register your email address then refer three of your friends using Facebook or Twitter Once 3 of more of the friends you invite install Oops!Backup they will send you an email with the FREE Oops!Backup License Key to your registered email address.

Just visit Here and follow the guide to get your free license.

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