Redo Backup and Recovery:easy to Clone and recover your hard disk

With the importance of digital data and information exponentially increasing in our daily lives, the need to keep data safe has increased.We have talk about some free backup and restore software Alternatives to Norton Ghost.Today I am sharing you another software which does something beyond this and very easily.That’s the Redo Backup and Recovery.

Redo Backup and Recovery is an extremely easy-to-use backup system that stores an image of the entire hard drive, making recovery from viruses, malware, or hard drive failures a snap,not only works with Windows but also supports Linux. It can boot from CD or USB.This backup can be restores without need to install anything and doesn’t even require operating system.

Redo Backup and Recovery

With Redo Backup & Recovery, you can access and save your files even if you cannot boot into your operating system, thus ensuring that data loss in event of OS crash isn’t a problem. You can also recover deleted files.Of course you have to do a backup can visit here to learn how to “Get Redo Backup

Just have to start your computer with the CD or flash drive with Backup and then select Redo if we are to create our backup or restore from a reality we have already. Among the options we are able to create and store backups to local disks, network or FTP servers.

Redo also offers a plethora of various important tools. you can edit or copy and move files, and also have the ability to surf the web (Firefox) in case we need to make some prior to discharge our backup.

Redo Backup and Recovery 2

In windows,Some times it thumbs down Stuck at welcome screen. Escape key brings back the welcome screen… that’s all. You must wait a while and then it starts.

To sum it up,Redo Backup is a solid choice and easy to utility  which allow us to rescue us  from really serious data losses.You can download it from here.The download size is almost 70MB.

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