Remote Access To Your Pc With MyGreenPC Free Premium Accounts

MyGreenPC is a new PC access service that allows users to remotely access to their Pc! It  is designed to allow you simple, fast and secure way to access your pc from anywhere in the world.

Compared to other pc remote access service, MyGreenPC is more powerful, As it even allows you to remotely power-on your pc from complete shutdown, hibernate or standby/sleep state. This feature alone can save over $30/year/pc in energy savings, not to mention the convinence of remotely power-on the pc if you accidently shut it down or there is a power failure.

Key Features of this pc remote access service:

  1. Ability to power-on your PC remotely!
  2. 32-Bit Hi-Color
    Enjoy remote access session in full-color! Remotely view/edit pictures without sacrificing the image quality.
  3. Audio redirection
    Hear important audio prompts by the remote pc and even listen to songs being played on the remote pc.
  4. Copy/Paste between local & remote computers.This functionality allows you to efficiently work with the remote pc.
  5. Remote Printing
    During session, print documents to local printer from programs running on the remote pc.
  6. Generate One-Time Passwords on the go for utmost security.
    No need to worry about keyloggers anymore! Register your mobile device in your account and whenever you need to sign-in to your account just request a one-time password on the go!
  7. Fully Encrypted sessions using AES 256-Bit encryption.
    Rest assured that you are using a software-service utilizing the industry leading encryption algorithms.
  8. Ability to by-pass home/corporate firewalls and establish Direct Connection between PCs.
  9. Installer-less Client software, just download & run!
  10. Save money on electricity bill every month!

MyGreenPC client screenshot

The core terms related to a remote access service are the Host Computer and Client Computer. An essential part of MyGreenPC remote pc access service is a custom software that comes  FREE with every MyGreenPC account! You will see two types of software on the software download page:

1. Host PC Software:  MyGreenPC Host software needs to be installed on the PC that you want to setup for remote access. Just download the software and enter your username & computer ID in the first screen and press “Install”. The installation process will take about 20 seconds and No computer restart is required!

2. Client PC Software: MyGreenPC client software requires No installation, you simply download it from MyGreenPC website and run it. Client software is the one that you will use at the remote location to access your PC.

MyGreenPC Free Premium Accounts

Normally ,the MyGreenPC Free Premium Accounts cost you $29.95/year, and now it is free to signup.To get your MyGreenPC Free Premium Accounts, Just visit Here. It is easy to try Remote Pc Access with MyGreenPC, Just follow the MyGreenPC Setup Guide. Enjoy!

MyGreenPC  Client Session Windows7

MyGreenPC Client Session Window - Showing Windows 7 Desktop

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