RollBack RX PC Free Full Version Serial Key

RollBack Rx is an easy-to-use and comprehensive Windows System Restore solution that enables computer users, regardless their skill levels, to easily and quickly restore their PC to exactly how it was at a specific time before a system crash or other catastrophe! RollBack Rx is different from traditional backups in that it allows you to take continuous backup snapshots of your system silently in the background while using minimal system resources. Each backup snapshot take only 2 to 3 seconds. Rollback Rx allows users and/or administrators to create a “snapshot” of the entire system whenever you want or on a fixed schedule (hourly, daily etc). You can take up to 60,000 snapshots and you can roll-back and roll-forward from any snapshot at any time.

RollBack RX PC

Here are some key features of “RollBack Rx”:

  • Reverse any system crash (even if Windows can’t startup)
  • Backout of any failed software installations, botched update etc.
  • Reverse user errors manually, or set Restore-on-Reboot or Log-off
  • Roll back minutes, hours, or even months.
  • Roll backwards and forwards to any system snapshot
  • Allows users to safely test any software. Fast, 100% clean uninstaller
  • Roll-back, yet recover files from your “future” snapshot(s)
  • Retrieve files from a crashed PC, even if Windows can not boot
  • Access control – prevent unauthorized users from access
  • Automatically schedule snapshots or hard drive restores
  • Day Zero Disaster Recovery with no data loss


RollBack RX PC Free Full Version Serial Key


The offer has now expired. The developer said on Facebook:

Hello all.

We have reached the end of our Amazon page promotion! A big thank you to everyone who participated in trying out the program and leaving a review on our Amazon homepage.

In just that short amount of time we received 77 reviews which were overwhelmingly positive.

To those who have not received a free NFR key yet – don’t worry! It’s coming!

Have a great week.

RollBack RX PC is normally priced at per $ 69 serial number / license key. To celebrate its appearance on, the developer are running a special promotion for the next month or so where you can receive a FREE copy of RollBack Rx.

To qualify, you’ll need to download and try out RollBack Rx, then leave an honest review on Amazon product page here. To leave a review, scroll down to the bottom of the Customer Reviews section and click on the button “Write a customer review”. After that, find the review that you have posted, and copy its ” Permalink”. Then send that link to the email: [email protected] After that you will be sent a FREE serial key for the latest available version of RollBack Rx.

Note: Before you can post a review, you need to have an account that has successfully been charged for the purchase of a physical or digital item. Free digital downloads don’t qualify. You don’t need to have purchased the product you’re reviewing. There’s a 48-hour waiting period after your first physical order has been completely shipped, or your digital item has been purchased, before you’ll be able to submit your review. If you’ve purchased a digital gift for someone else, the 48-hour waiting period doesn’t begin until the gift has been redeemed.

More info on the Facebook page here.