Secret Layer Lite Free Registration Code @ GOTD

Secret Layer lets you encrypt your data and then hide that encrypted data in ordinary images, like the ones used every day on all websites and email attachments. HOW DOES IT WORK? Secret Layer very slightly tweaks the color of specific pixels. You can’t distinguish the altered photo from the original one: even if a forensics specialist opens the image in a text editor, there’s no way they can detect signs of any ”extra” information inside.

Secret Layer Lite

Secret Layer is available in two edition: Lite and Pro. The Lite edition is normally priced at $29.95 serial number / registration code, but you can download Secret Layer Lite full version free and legal from Giveaway of the Day for today only (November 6, 2012). Don’t miss it. Visit GOTD Page.

Secret Layer Light (Giveaway Version) is limited compared to the Pro version ($85).

Lite Version

Supported image formats: .png, .gif, .bmp
Hide data in multiple images: None
Data encoring: None

Pro Version

Supported image formats: .png, .gif, .bmp +JPG
Hide data in multiple images: Use multiple images to hide any amount of data.
Data encoring: Protect your data with one of the eight type of encryption. Select encryption type, password and key length. Read more about encryption. In this case – you hide protected data in images.