SliceMaker Deluxe V3.6 Free Download Registration Key @ Glarysoft

We all want things to become easier including making a webpage. However, it is really a complicated and time-consuming job to slice graphic web design, create CSS and create DIV. Now, the times, when you spend many times creating webpage or website, are history. SliceMaker can help you make wonderful webpage or website with minor effort and in the shortest time.

SliceMaker is designed to be an all-in-one website/webpage making tool easy enough for both beginners and professional web developers, but with powerful features that they can grow into. With it, you don’t need to spend many hours even many days to slice your graphic web design, create CSS and DIV. Instead, you just need to import your graphic web design into SliceMaker and slice the design like slicing image with PhotoShop, and then the software will help you create CSS and DIV automatically.

SliceMaker Standard

This professional webpage-making software supports importing graphic web design in PSD, PNG, JPG and GIF formats and supports exporting HTML file, HTM file, ASP file, ASP include file, PHP file, PHP include file, ASPX, ASCX, JSP and JSP include file. The exported web documents can be compatible with virtually all web browsers even mobile browsers such as Sleipnir, Lunascape, Flock, Amaya, Midori and even mobile web browsers like Opera Mini, Android Browser, BlackBerry browser, Safari for iOS devices, etc. In addition, the professional webpage-making software, unlike some website builders that limit your freedom in regards to templates, layout, colors and so on, doesn’t come with predefined set of templates, the created webpage is what you want your graphic web design look like and what you want your graphic web design to do.

With SliceMaker, works that once required days to finish can now be done in minutes. If you are troubled by how to create a webpage efficiently, SliceMaker is worth a try.

Key Features of SliceMaker:

  • Slice Graphic Web Design and then Create CSS and DIV automatically
  • Support Importing PSD,PNG, JPG and GIF
  • Support Exporting HTML, HTM, ASP, ASP Include File, PHP, PHP Include File,  ASPX, ASCX, JSP, JSP Include File
  • The Exported Documents can be Compatible with IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, Netscape navigator, etc.
  • Support CSS Sprites to Make Your Webpage Load Faster
  • Enough Flexibility: SliceMaker doesn’t come with predefined set of templates, the created webpage is what you want your graphic web design look like.
  • Support Database Call Function


SliceMaker Deluxe V3.6 Free Download Registration Key

SliceMaker Deluxe is normally priced at $35.95 per serial number / registration key. Glarysoft are having a giveaway of SliceMaker Deluxe 3.6, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for today only (24 hours on June 03, 2014). Act fast to grab your free copy.

Go to the promo page here during giveaway period to download the giveaway package. Unzip the package you’ve downloaded, and carefully read the instructions which you can find in the readme.txt file. Follow the instructions carefully to install and activate the software. You have to install and activate it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over.