Softease Collage Maker for Windows Free Registration Code [Cyber Monday Only]

Softease Software launches a 24-hour giveaway on Cyber Monday to offer Collage Maker for Windows for free, which would otherwise cost you $14.99. The free giveaway is a special gift for Cyber Monday, and will ONLY available for 24 hours.

Collage Maker is a kind of collage software that assists people turn digital photos into cool magic collage automatically. Only need a few clicks and seconds, users can make a photo collage, whether they are seasoned or new learner. We like to capture the happy moments spent with our friends and family. And photos are one of the best ways to record exciting, joyful hours. Collage Maker allows you to display your photos in a special and unique way.

Softease Collage Maker for Windows

Visit the giveaway page to get your free registration code & download link.

Collage Maker for Windows Free Giveaway

[Sorry for the late to report this giveaway]