Sothink Blu-ray Copy Free Full Version Download

Sothink Blu-ray Copy is a powerful Blu-ray copy software that allows Windows users to copy all kinds of Blu-rays to blank Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD discs with lightening fast speed and excellent output quality. It also allows users to copy Blu-rays onto computer HDDs as ISO files and folders to save the expensive blank Blu-ray disc.

Sothink Blu-ray Copy has 5 copy modes, Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn and Merge. Customers can choose the one that fits their situation right. The programs also allows customers to do quite a lot of customizable settings, like they can select only the wanted titles, chapter ranges inside a title, audio tracks, subtitle streams and output size to make the backup.

Sothink Blu-ray Copy

The most eye-catching features are its compatibility with 3D Blu-rays, which lets users to output 3D Blu-rays to genuine 3D format, Side-by-Side 3D format, even to regular 2D format, and BD shrink which can not only copy BD 50 to BD 50, BD 25 to BD 25, but also shrink the large-size BD 50 to much smaller size BD 25 with certain compression rate, and vice versa.

Sothink Blu-ray Copy is a must-have tool for anyone in need of an easy and fast solution to back up their legally owned Blu-ray movie discs to avoid loss or damage or to burn their own recorded Blu-ray ISO image files

Sothink Blu-ray Copy Key Features:

  • Copy and Rip All Blu-rays including 3D Ones
  • Up to 5 Copy Modes to meet various needs in all kinds of circumstances
  • The Full Disc mode copies everything on the disc to BD-50 size without any quality loss, or to BD-25 size with certain compression rate.
  • The Main Movie mode just copies the feature movie title, normally the one with the most chapters and longest duration, to BD-50 or BD-25 size.
  • The Customize mode lets users copy a Blu-ray disc with their preferred stuff only.
  • The Merge mode allows users to combine multiple titles from different Blu-rays together, and then output to HDDs as ISO files or folders, or burn directly onto blank discs.
  • Clone/Burn mode makes perfect 1:1 bit-to-bit copy of any Blu-ray disc, ISO file or folder. The output can only be ISO file or blank Blu-ray disc.
  • Copy and burn Blu-ray main title to a blank DVD disc but still keep the Blu-ray format

Sothink Blu-ray Copy Free Full Version Download

Sothink Blu-ray Copy is normally priced at $36.99 per one year serial number / license key. Sothink have launched a giveaway, where everyone can get Lifetime Sothink Blu-ray Copy totally for free. Giveaway valid till July 31, 2016.

To download the giveaway version Blu-ray Copy, all you need to do is just visit the promo page here and download it via the Download button at the related area of the page. This is the full version pre-activated, no registration and activation needed. But there is no free upgrade for giveaway version.

Sothink Blu-ray Copy Giveaway Download

Please note: Sothink Blu-ray Copy is provided as a module of Sothink Media Toolkit. When you run Sothink Media Toolkit, you will see various different functions and you can only get full access to the Blu-ray Copy module as part of this giveaway.

Note: Sothink Blu-ray Copy can only copy unprotected Blu-ray discs. If it is legal in your country/region to make backups of copyrighted materials for non-profit personal use, there is a bunch of 3rd party decrypting tools that can take care of the decryption process, thus allowing copying and burning tools, like Sothink and others alike to access the content from a commercial Blu-ray disc. Here is a short list of the popular 3rd party decrypting tools for your reference. Important: You are only allowed to use these 3rd party decrypters within the laws of your country/region.

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