Soul Gambler PC Game Free Steam Key Download

Good news gamers! Splitplay is giving away free Steam keys for the adventure game Soul Gambler playable on your Windows PC (includes Steam Trading Cards)!! The game gets a User Score of 6.7 on Metacritic and a 65% positive reviews by 220 users of the Steam store. A nice free game to start out the weekend!

Soul Gambler PC Game

The game Soul Gambler is inspired by Goethe’s Faust, a tragic play written in the 19th century. Adapting this timeless story into a more modern, engaging version, Soul Gambler is presented as an interactive adventure using comic books aesthetics. It puts the reader-player into in the role of Faust, an ordinary young man living in the present day whose DESTINY is about to be change forever. When Faust was leaving his boring job, a mysterious woman approached him. She made him a tempting proposal: SELL parts of his SOUL in exchange for the fulfillment of his every WISH.

NOW it is up to you to decide his fate!

  • BECOME Faust and transform yourself in a Soul Gambler
  • CHOOSE how the story unfolds, and even how it ends
  • AMAZE yourself with gorgeous comic book-styled illustrations and environments
  • OWN the ability to sell parts of your soul in exchange for many pleasures
  • IMMERSE yourself in this shady world while listening to an involving soundtrack
  • COMPLETE more than 20 challenging story-oriented Steam Achievements

Faust’s FATE lies in your hands. What are you waiting for? Time to GAMBLE your soul!

Soul Gambler PC Game Free Full Version Download

To get the free full version game, please follow steps below:

1. Visit the Splitplay Store page here, register an account and login. Please note that the website is very slow due to the highest traffic ever noted on their site.

Register on Splitplay

2. Add the game to library (it’s free).

3. Once added to library get back to Soul Gambler game page, hover mouse on download button but do not click. A small window will roll down, and you can choose options: Download, steam key, extras (Soundtrack, Artbook). Click steam key and you key will be revealed.

Soul Gambler Free Steam Key

To redeem you code once you get it, simply visit and log into your Steam account. Once you’ve registered / signed in, choose the ‘Add a Game’ option at the bottom left of the screen, then select ‘Activate a Product on Steam’ and enter your unique serial key. Soul Gambler is then yours to download, play and keep forever!

Thanks to Goodwin for informing me about this promo.