SSDownloader fetches best Antivirus, firewalls, anti malwares

If you’re constantly being called on by friends to reformat/reinstall Microsoft Windows on their computer, most likely you will have their Windows equipped with at least a free/paid anti-virus program (so they will not bug you too often to do the reinstallation due to incurable viruses).

Heck, you may do it just about every day and it’s a tiresome process sometime.  If so, you might want to grab SSDownloader or Security Software Downloader — an small and easy to use app which makes downloading current versions of popular antivirus, antimalware, firewall, and utility software a snap. The simple main interface is shown at the screenshot below (The image below has been reduced in size. Click on it to see the full version) :


As you can see, there are quite a number of programs that can be downloaded via SSDownloader. When you launch this portable app, it automatically refreshes its database and presents an excellent selection of free security apps for Windows computers. Included are popular free apps like Avast!, comodo, Panda, Eset, Kaspersky, Security Essentials, Malwarebytes, HiJack This, CCleaner, AutoRuns, and Process Explorer — as well as loads more.

To download the security applications, Just you need to select the apps you want to download and latest version of everything you selected will be downloaded automatically in the download directory.

SSDownloader is an excellent way to make sure you’ve always got up-to-date installers at the ready. Of course, It is just a download manager so you still have to take care of the installation process, but SSDownloader saves you a lot of headaches by making the download process so much faster and easier – Just give it a try and Hope there will be more features like  DIY the route by the users themself.

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