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Steam Game for Free: Prismata (Win&Mac)

In celebration of its insane positive review score on Steam, Prismata is now FREE for a limited time period! Prismata is a uniquely gripping hybrid strategy game like no other, inspired by RTS, deckbuilders, and tabletop strategy games. The game is playable on your Windows PC and Apple Mac and additionally it can give cards and steam achievements.

Simply visit the store page and add the game to your Steam library from there. This is permanent, not a temporary free play period. Once you claim the game, you can download and play it whenever you want, even when the game goes back to its original price on Steam. This is a limited-time offer, available only until Monday May 21st 10AM PDT

Note: you only get the Prismata base game for free with this giveaway. The base game includes Campaign Episode 1: Outbreak, plus 50 combat training missions, and full access to all custom match and multiplayer modes (with no pay-to-win, no card packs, and no bullshit). You need to upgrade to the Founder’s Edition ($24.99 ) to unlock premium single player DLC and a variety of cosmetic items (skins and emotes that do not affect gameplay).

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