SurDoc FREE Unlimited Cloud Storage Space for 1 Year

SurDoc is a cloud service that will help you to securely backup and easily manage all of your documents. It combines the ability to backup, view, and share documents with the power of editing and signing documents with your native signature – all in the cloud. You can access your data from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet connected to any modern browser such as IE 9, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. No apps, Plug-ins or additional software is needed.

A free SurDoc account gives you 10 GB of storage which is good enough for most people. And if you download SurDoc App for Android, you can get 100GB FREE storage + earn up to 1TB for free by inviting friends (10GB per friend). SurDoc Premium Plan for 50 GB, 100 GB and unlimited storage for only $1.67, 2.50 and $8.33 (respectively) per month, which is very cheap. SurDoc can be used as an alternative to more expensive services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Box, Carbonite, Crashplan, SOS Online Backup, Mozy, DocuSign, RightSignature, etc.

SurDoc Cloud Storage

SurDoc FREE Unlimited Cloud Storage Space for 1 Year

Updated [April 11, 2013]: The promotional code LOUDI2F5XS3 shared on  Apr 9, 2013 has expired. However, you can still get 100GB free storage & sync for 1 year!!! Get it Free Here: Don’t know how long the new offer is going to last, so if you are interested maybe grab while the grabbing is good.

SurDoc is giving away free UNLIMITED cloud storage for 1 year accounts with the promotional code LOUDI2F5XS3 at Don’t know how long the offer is going to last, so if you are interested maybe grab while the grabbing is good.

Visit this promo page:

Enter required details to sign up a account ( Make sure that LOUDI2F5XS3 is selected as Promo Code).

Shortly, you will receive an e-mail. Please click the verification link in that email to complete your registration within 24 hours. Before the registration is completed, you may use most of SurDoc’s features but not all. For example, you will not be able to send documents until your account is activated. After 24 hours your account will become inaccessible until you complete the registration.

Note:  Unlimited storage includes all files that you can print or play, such as Microsoft Office documents (*.doc, *.ppt, *.xls, etc.), PDFs, code like HTML, text (*.txt) documents, JPEGs and other photos/image files, music files, and video files. For free and unlimited docs accounts there is a 2GB (10MB maximum individual file size) limit on storage of “special files.” Special files” include files like executable binaries, database dumps, etc. Purchase additional 50 or 100GB plans for more ‘special file’ storage.