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Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Free Community License

Good news for .Net/Javascript programmers, Syncfusion, Inc. is now offering free Community License for their product Essential Studio Enterprise Edition. Both individual developers and small businesses (with up to five users within small businesses and annual gross revenue below $1 million USD) are able to use this free Community License to build commercial applications.

The License, which is valued at up to $9,975, provides the most comprehensive toolkit on the market at no cost, and with no expiration date. All products available in Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and Syncfusion Plus are included in the community license. This offering includes access to more than 650 components across 12 platforms such as Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, LightSwitch, Silverlight, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, WinRT, Windows 8, Xamarin and JavaScript, an easy-to-use big data platform, along with support and updates, among other benefits.

The complete product offering for FREE:


  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • HTML5/JavaScript
  • LightSwitch
  • Silverlight



  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • WinRT
  • Xamarin
  • HTML5/JavaScript
  • Orubase



  • Windows Forms
  • WPF



  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Word



  • Big Data Platform
  • Predictive Analytics


Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Free Community License

Head over to the Community License offer page and finish the online form to claim your Free Community License for Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition. No credit card is required to redeem this offer.


Who is eligible?

Individual developers or up to five users at companies with annual gross revenue below $1 million USD.

Can the products be used to build commercial applications?


How long are the licenses valid ?

The community licenses do not expire. You will continue to receive support and updates for new versions.

Why are you doing this? What’s the catch?

We loved what Microsoft did with Visual Studio Community Edition and decided to extend it to our products as well. There is no catch, but we would really appreciate it if you help spread the message through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

We really like what you are doing. How can we help?

We hope to add even more value to this program in the future, but we need your help in reaching more developers. We would appreciate any help spreading the message through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email, or blogs.

Click here to learn more about the Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Community License.

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