TeamDrive Personal Free 1 Year License Key

TeamDrive Personal Free 1 Year License Key for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets – TeamDrive is a software package that makes team work over the Internet easier than ever! With TeamDrive you can keep any number of files and folders synchronised between various computers and smartphones simply and automatically. A group of users can have online, as well as offline, access to the same data at any time, without administrative expenses or security risks.

The big advantage of TeamDrive over Dropbox is that your data are already encrypted before they are uploaded and the encryption key stays with you. You can synchronise existing folders and configure synchronisation specifically for individual folders. You can set the access rights for each folder, too and you can run your own Teamdrive Personal server or use a WebDAV server.


TeamDrive Key Features

  • Share, sync and backup – With TeamDrive you can keep your data synchronised between various computers simply and automatically. It’s child’s play to share music, images, documents or folders of any sort with friends, family or work colleagues. TeamDrive is available for all standard operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Collaboration – TeamDrive makes it possible to create teams easily to work together on documents (online and offline collaboration). By means of the integrated version management system, all changes to documents or files are recorded automatically, so that every change can be tracked.
  • Security – The security and confidentiality of your data is the highest priority for TeamDrive. Before TeamDrive transfers your data, they are encrypted on your computer (AES-256). Only you decide who has access to your data. TeamDrive has been awarded the Data Protection Seal of Privacy of the ULD.
  • Backup – An encrypted back-up copy of all of your data is automatically saved on one of TeamDrive’s servers. If you lose your computer or it breaks down, you can restore your data easily.

TeamDrive Personal Free 1 Year License Key

TeamDrive is available in 3 versions: TeamDrive Free (free of charge), TeamDrive Personal (25,20 € / year), and TeamDrive Professional (50,41 € / year).

TeamDrive has a user based licensing model. Each user needs a TeamDrive account and a license (Free, Personal or Professional licenses). One license can be used on unlimited client installations by the same user (Desktop, Noteook, HomePC, Smartphone …) and sync all his/her devices.  The license type depends by the users requirements. The “free” license stops automatic syncing after 2 GB (client side). If you share more than 2 GB with a person, that person needs a paid license. Each paid license can sync and share unlimited files and Spaces.

Now TeamDrive in cooperation with PCWelt, iphoneWelt, and AndroidWelt are giving away free 1 Year License Key for TeamDrive Personal. Go to this giveaway page to grab your free copy. The giveaway page is in German language. Don’t worry about that, you can use Google Translate to help you, or Google Chrome in which the translation process will work automatically.

Action with the readers PCWELT iPhoneWelt, and AndroidWelt

Dear reader PCWELT, dear reader iphone world, dear reader AndroidWelt

TeamDrive provides exclusive free license key for the team-Drive Personal License for 1 year. Register with your email address and confirm to us that you wish to use Team Drive as a private person. We will then drive team within 2 working days of a license key for a team of staff drive-client version.

It is best to start with our team Drive 3 version for your desktop or notebook, this version the best supporting their smartphone or tablet. Put your team Drive account (user name) and then type in the info menu, your license key.

Drive your team personnel license is valid for all installations that you and your team aktivierren Drive username. So for your iPhone, iPad, or Android installation.

The developer will deliver the license key to you in 2 working days.