Text Lightning license key for Free

Text Lightning is a power tools for Microsoft Outlook from Xequte.Aim to be the final solution to Email Overload,Text Lightning enables you to clear your overflowing Inbox faster than ever before.Normally Text Lightning costs around $29.50 to get a single user license, but here is a good news that you can get it for  totally free with a  PC user promo.

About Text Lightning:

Text Lightning is a power tools for Microsoft Outlook from Xequte.It adds a powerful set of tools to Microsoft Outlook to enable you to clear your overflowing Inbox faster than ever before. It also help you to reply to your email more rapidly with instant access to the text  you have used to reply to similar messages in the past,So that every message you send will be better written and more detailed than if you typed it yourself .This means that You need only think of the best response to a question once and then reuse it whenever you are asked again.

 Text Lightning will even guess the topic of the ucrrent message to provide more relevant responses. You can customize your responses with details for the current message and Text Lightning will start the message for you with a salutation such as, “Hi lisa”. You can search for messages and contacts with a single click and instantly move or permanently delete the current message. Easy to setup and learn to make you more productive in minutes!

Text Lightning screen shots

Features of Text Lightning

  • One-Click Insertion of Text, Images and Files
    All of the phrases and text snippets you commonly write in your messages can be added with a single click (plain text or formatted). The most relevant items are highlighted and any that do not match the current product or profile are hidden. You can also instantly add a selection of files, embedded images and formatted rich text.
  • Product Guessing
    Specify a list of your products and their nicknames, and Text Lightning will determine which are mentioned in each message.
  • Never Type “Dear Tom” Again!
    When you reply to a message Text Lightning automatically starts the message with your preferred salutation using the recipient’s name, e.g. “Hi John”
  • Customize your Text Templates with Fields
  • One-Click Searching
  • Quick Move
  • Easy Copy
    Isn’t it frustrating trying to get the email of a message sender into the clipboard from Outlook? With Text Lightning it’s available with a single click!
  • Web Form Message Support
  • Forgotten Attachment Warning
  • Easy Importing and Exporting
  • Integrate with Other Programs

How to get Text Lightning license key for Free?

Visit this promo page, then enter your email ID and other info to get the License code.It’s better for you to uncheck the “Notify me of updates” option.

Text Lightning license key for Free

2, Download Text Lightning install file Here.Use the license you received to active it.Text Lightning works with Windows 7, Vista, XP,2000,ME and 98.

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