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TextMaker Viewer Software 2010 Free Download With Serial Number

If you’ve ever received a document file in a format you can’t read, the TextMaker Viewer 2010 software might be just for you. TextMaker Viewer is an excellent and free document viewer for common word processing formats which actually lets you open, read, and print a huge range of word processing files from Microsoft Word, TextMaker,, OpenDocument as well as other common office file formats. You will be able to quickly view and print documents without editing them.

TextMaker Viewer 2010 stays in the background and when the user clicks on one of the mentioned documents, on the context window appears “Open with TextMaker Viewer” to allow the application to display the document in its original format.

Why use TextMaker Viewer 2010?

You can use TextMaker Viewer 2010 as the following document file viewer:

Unfortunately, as a document viewer, the user is not allowed to edit or modify the displayed document. However, you can change vertical alignments, page settings, paper orientation, size, width and height, margins, and printer settings or automatic detection for first and next pages. Especially, you can convert there file formats into PDF file directly in TextMaker Viewer 2010 (docx to pdf, rtf to pdf, odt to pdf).

TextMaker Viewer 2010 is a free download for Windows systems only (Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000). To use this free document viewer tool, just  download TextMaker Viewer 2010 from Officeviewers website: TMViewerSetup.exe. Once finish download, install it and click the “register now” button to get your free serial number.

Note: You need to register to get the free permanently serial number for full version TextMaker Viewer 2010. Registering is absolutely free and without any obligations for you. And after registration you are entitled to receive free technical support from SoftMaker.

Like the applications in SoftMaker Office, TextMaker Viewer 2010 can be set up in a way that it will run from a USB flash drive without the need to install it. This way, you can run it on any Windows PC directly off the flash drive and be certain that it does not install itself on the host computer.

Here is how to make TextMaker Viewer ready for this “portable mode”:

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