The Free Bundle: Handpicked Free Indie Games

Want to play free indie games? There are lots of great games coming out all the time, but most of us work so much through the year that we usually miss these beautiful, incredible well made games, they fly under our radar for several reasons! Well, not anymore. CabreraBrothers has launched a very indie side project, The Free Bundle, to help you find awesome free indie games you may have missed!

The Free Bundle currently includes Nine Bundles, 45 games, plus one Ebook Bundles (five episodes), and a few extra hand-picked games will be added to the bundle based on community suggestions from time to time. The featured games are all free and downloadable, you can actually pick them up at each of the author’s websites if you want to. Most of these games are available for Windows, though some of them have versions that run on Mac/Linux, if they do you will see it on the popup … so, if you have a windows setup, you’re most likely to enjoy these games.

Handpicked Free Indie Game Bundles

Go to for more info and to download them. In addition to the free Indie Games, The Free Bundle will also offer a paid game for free from time to time.

Updated [July 15, 2013]: This is a old promo but hope it prove useful to the one who may not know abut the promo.

Updated [Feb 06, 2014]:

The Free Bundle 11 is out.  It includes:

  • HE-MAN & The Masters of the Universe ( Windows Brawler)
  • Magic Rampage (Android) ( Action-RPG )
  • Of Guards and Thieves (Win, Mac, Linux) Multiplayer stealth game
  • Boson X (Win, Mac, Linux) (Running/Reflex game)
  • Dead Colony (Win) (Modern keyboard-controlled shooter in style of Robotron)
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