TrustPort Tools 2013 Free Download 3 Months Activation Code

Protecting sensitive data is an irreplaceable part of computer security. Useful tools for data encryption and shredding belong to the standard gear of TrustPort Total Protection. For the needs of businesses or individuals that do not require a full security suite, TrustPort Tools 2013 comes as the perfect answer to the potential loss of sensitive data.

TrustPort Tools 2013

TrustPort Tools 2013 is a standalone solution for the protection of sensitive data by the means of online and offline encryption and data shredding. TrustPort Tools is modular software, presenting in principle two methods of data encryption. The first one is ideal for businesses, authorities, and institutions that deal with sensitive data of clients or citizens but not on a regular basis. Confidential documents that are not used more than once or twice in a while can be stored in encrypted archives.

Whenever confidential data gets opened and processed on a daily basis, the functionality of drive encryption is at hand. It ensures an automated encryption of files when being copied or moved onto a virtual drive. Each time the user starts the computer, the program will ask him to enter his drive access credentials, which is the only thing he needs to remember. The user opens and saves documents the same way as with a regular drive, which makes for a really comfortable operation.

Another important feature of the software is data shredding. With confidential documents at the end of their life cycle, the method of deletion is crucial. TrustPort Tools deals with such documents in a way that rules out their restoring ever. It offers eight methods of shredding, depending on the confidentiality of the documents. Some of these methods are faster, some of them are more thorough. By default, a three cycle overwriting is used. For most businesses and organizations, the default shredding method entails an optimum balance of speed and thoroughness. The data shredding features is fully integrated with the shell context menu and in this way it supports the wiping of files/folders and drives. There are also several predefined system locations, that be cleaned with a single click of a mouse, for instance temporary files, surfing history, recycle bin.

In addition, TrustPort Tools 2013 includes some other useful free tools, such as TrustPort Portunes and Trustport Skytale, both are also offered as free standalone products for iPhone and android. TrustPort Portunes is designed to protect users’ sensitive data, such as information about credit card numbers, bank account numbers, user names and passwords, pins, including private notes, etc. All the data is encrypted and each page is password protected against hackers and malware. The data is also synchronized with mobile devices through DropBox cloud storage. Trustport Skytale allows you to secure your SMS and emails. Your messages will always be secure during data transfer. Not even your mobile provider or any fraudster will be able to decode your private message.

TrustPort Tools 2013 Free Download 3 Months Activation Code / Serial Key

TrustPort Tools 2013 is normally priced at EUR 11.95 per activation code / serial key. And it come with a 30 days fully functional trial like other security software. If you don’t like the usual 30 days trial then here is an offer set by ComputerBild. Get a free license valid for 90 days (3 months).

1. Visit the TrustPort Tools 2013 promotional offer page below, and enter the required details (Page in Russian, use Google Translate if needed) , enter the promo code as RUCB2013TOOLS

Promo Page:

Note: When visiting the above promo page, you will get a message telling you that “The site’s security certificate has expired!” . Apparently, TrustPort forgot to renew the certificate. Just to continue, select “continue to this website” (Internet Explorer), “I understand the risk of added exceptions > > Confirm security exception” (Firefox) or “Continue anyway” (Google Chrome) or “take” (Opera).

2. You will soon receive an email with your free 3 Months activation code for TrustPort Tools 2013. If you can’t find it, please check you spam folder.

3. Download RUCB2013TOOLS from this link [Size 19.4 MB,  installer for both 32bit and 64 bit system]. Install and active full version with received activation code.

Here is the proof:

TrustPort Tools 2013 Full Version

You can register the software by following these steps:

  • Double click on the TrustPort icon in the system tray.
  • Click the General Settings in the lower right corner, then click Register license. Registration Wizard will be launched.
  • Follow the instructions in the Registration Wizard.
  • Finally, click the Finish button. Please save the activation code for future use.

Note:  No regular technical support for this giveaway Serial Key.

Thanks to Sharemore for informing me about this promo. You can also Free Download TrustPort Internet Security 2013 with 6 Months Serial Key.