Trustware BufferZone 3 Review And download

Over the years we have seen a number of different concepts that were trying to help the state of security of an average Windows PC user.
Security company Trustware has a product that takes a new approach on protecting the end users. BufferZone is centered on a concept of virtualization technology, that creates a whole new secluded environment on your computer.It brings to fore a rather unique approach to combating the various threats that prowl online. The computer users are forever paranoid about these threats and bufferzone then would come as a gift because its approach to fighting the threats turns the tables around in the sphere of Internet security.

Zone Defense

Buffer zone comes with a long list of pre-configured browser, utilities, P2P programs, instant messaging and other Internet-enabled programs that are always executed within the area. Add a red frame of these programs and whipped it seems the older version of bug that sometimes left out of the border. A little red-white overlay icon identifies the files and programs that are in the area. All files downloaded from that program also run in the area. And all the drainage of the area you delete a file or registry changes to the program. They also lose the new configuration, bookmarks, and so the browser will have to make permanent changes, you start the browser out of the buffer zone.

 The e-mail programs have a special status because they can live clean buffer zone for e-mail messages if the empty area. A program such as an email client is running outside the area itself identified, but the attachments are stored or moved within the area. That’s for everyone!

Of course, a trojan or keylogger is running on the field is still in the system. You can not permanently damage files or registry entries, but could steal information and send it to KAOS, choke, or an organization SMERSH, devilish malware authors are now working. To protect your private data, makes buffer zone private sectors, such as sensitive to the My Documents folder, such as an overlap shows padlock icon. Programs that can not even run in the area marked the records as confidential. Of course, you can select other folders in confidence if desired. In addition, buffer zone is blocked keyloggers hook system used to steal information.

The minimum firewall program is only one rule: Deny outbound e-mails to all running programs in the region. These and all other rules will apply only to manually create the programs in the area, so that it in no way replace your firewall.
The Verdict for Trustware BufferZone 3
What’s Good: A rather unique approach towards internet security; keeps you safe from even the unknown threats; enterprise version is available; uses virtual environments and systems to isolate Internet activity from the actual hardware
What’s Bad: Software will take some time getting used to; has no way to remind you that you have stored certain files that might be important and that you are about to delete them forever; no multi-user access; doesn’t support Windows Vista.

Download Trustware BufferZone 3 free  at here