TuneUp Utilities 2011 Product Key – Activation Code For Free

Updated [July 16, 2013]: TuneUp Utilities 2012 Full Version Product Key Free for a limited time.

No matter how properly you use a computer, registry entries are created, temporary internet files pile up, disks fragment and the results are inevitable: The more you use a PC, the slower it gets. If you want to speed up your Windows and bring back the performance you used to get when it was freshly installed, then check out TuneUp Utilities 2011 from TuneUp Software GmbH, which is able to take care of all these and  dramatically speed up Windows performance.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 is one of the best and most powerful tweaking and customizing utility for Windows system. With a number of new tuning features, including TuneUp Program Deactivator, and enhancements of its trusted optimization tools, the intelligent software developer is enabling users to solve performance issues with their operating system and other areas, such as third-party software.

TuneUp Utilities 2011

TuneUp Utilities 2011 Key Functions:

  • Status & recommendations – The intuitive Start Center with a fresh look and feel gives you complete control and access to the most important tuning steps at a glance.
  • Optimize system – Get rid of those PC brakes and drop the dead weight in programs: for maximum speed whether working, surfing, or playing!
  • Gain disk space – Find and remove large resource hogs and annoying data trash to make your PC run even more efficiently.
  • Fix problems – Fix the most common Windows® problems, scan your hard disk and restore deleted files.
  • Customize Windows – Change the visual appearance of Windows® to match your style and safely modify over 400 Windows settings.
  • Overview of all functions – Professional users have direct access to 32 optimization tools TuneUp Utilities™ 2011 offers.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 Product Key – Activation Code For Free:

TuneUp Utilities 2011 is not cheap, $49.95 is a fair amount. But there is a promotion going on, which will allow you to get this product for free of cost. Bellow are the simple steps which will enable you to get the free Full Version Product Key / Activation Code of TuneUp Utilities 2011.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 is not the latest version because the developer has released TuneUp Utilities 2013 sometime ago. But this does not mean in any way that it is useless or obsolete. The features available are still current and compatible with the needs of a regular user.

[Updated November 3, – 2012]:

The old promo (shared on September 19th, 2011) has expired now. But I have found another new working offer for TuneUp Utilities 2011.

Unfortunately, the new offer is for German version only, so the basic user interface is in German language. For those of you who want a English version, please check our the “Change Language” section at the end of the post.

1. Visit the TuneUp Utilities 2011 Giveaway Page, enter your email address and CAPTCHA code, then click on the “Produktschlüssel anfordern” button. Note: The e-mail address you entered must never be used in any promotional activities set by TuneUp Corporation.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 Free Giveaway

Note: This giveaway can end anytime. If the giveaway link doesn’t take you to the online form like the one within the screenshot, then it means the giveaway has no longer alive.

2. Confirm your email address by entering it again, then click on the “→” button

Confirm your email address

3. They will immediately sent you an activation link in the Email address that you’ve given. Click on that activation link and you will be redirect to a page that contains your free product key of TuneUp Utilities 2011. If you do not receive the e-mail, please check the spelling of your e-mail address and check whether the e-mail has ended up in your junk folder. Due to increased demand, delays in mail delivery cannot be ruled out.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 Free Product Key (Activation Code)

This product key only works in German version, so the basic user interface is in German language, but we have a trick to change it into English easily.

How to change the German TuneUp Utilities 2011 to English version:

1. First download and install TuneUp Utilities 2011 English Version: TuneUpUtilities2011_en-US.exe [English, 19.9 MB].

2. Open my Computer and navigate to following path: C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\TuneUp Software\\TuneUp Utilities 2011  and copy the language folder “en-US” to a safe place. Note that the “Application Data” is a hidden folder.

TuneUp Utilities 2010 language folder en-US

3. Then uninstall the English version. Download and install TuneUp Utilities 2011 German version: TuneUpUtilities2011_de-DE.exe [22.9 MB]. Don’t worry about Germane language, Just follow the below screenshots.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 German Installation Process

TuneUp Utilities 2011 German Installation Process

TuneUp Utilities 2011 German Installation Process

4. After finishing the installation, open my Computer and navigate to following path again: C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\TuneUp Software\\TuneUp Utilities 2011  and copy the language folder “en-US” you saved in step 2 to here.

5. For Windows Xp, go to Start > Run , type Regedit and click Ok; For Windows Vista/7, type Regedit in the Start Menu’s Search box to Launch Regedit. Then Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\ SOFTWARE \\ TuneUp \\ Utilities \\ 10.0  Change (Right Click and Modify) the value of UlLanguage from de-DE to en-US.

Change TuneUp Utilities 2011 Language

6. Restart your computer. Run TuneUp Utilities 2011, and it should be English now. Use the product key you have received to convert your version of TuneUp Utilities 2011 to the full version.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 Free Full Version


Updated [January 30, 2013]:  This is not a new promo but lasts for a long time . It is still working and many of you may need it. I change the date published for this post to make it up.