Turn iPhone 4’s LED Camera Flash/Video Light into a Flashlight

Normally you can use the Iphone 4′s LED camera flash/video light as a “flashlight” only by firing up the Camera App and switching to Video mode and turning on the Video Light. This was way to many steps if you were simply wanting to pull out your iPhone to use it to find your keys if they’ve fallen under the car, dig through a purse, or avoid bumping into doors and furniture when you wake up late at night with an urgent need to “liberate” the litre of beer you drank a few hours earlier. Not to mention that this way of doing it, will automatically pause your music. So why not find a app for that, which can basically does the same thing but with less taps and more features.

iTorch4 is a such a free and handy app for iPhone 4 users, which allows you to take the advantage of the LED camera flash/video light on your iPhone 4. With this app, you can instantly activate the flashlight with just a click of big button, and turn it off just as easily.

Turn iPhone 4's LED Camera Flash/Video Light into a Flashlight

iTorch4 features:

  • SOS signal feature;
  • strobe light function;
  • instant application launch;
  • easy to use, there’s just one big button to turn on the LED.
  • shake your iPhone to turn on the LED;
  • elegant and refined design;
  • realistic sound effects;
  • optimization of battery consumption.
  • compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone 3G/3GS: since it doesn’t have an LED flash, the front screen is used instead;
  • with LED turned off, iTorch4 automatically goes to stand-by mode to optimize battery consumption;
  • translations in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish;

Turning your iPhone into a little LED flashlight will undoubtedly be handy at some point. So Try it now! iTorch4 is available as a free download at apple iTunes store.