Tweak & Customize Firefox 4 UI With Stratiform Add-on

Do you want to customize the user interface of your Firefox 4 browser? If so, here is a nice Add-on for you.

Stratiform is an excellent user friendly customization and tweak add-on for Firefox 4 that allow you to customize almost every aspect of the brand new Firefox 4.0 UI (and especially the colors). With a few simple steps, this addon puts the power in the average user’s hands to customize the browser in ways only developers or programmers were able to date.

In a way, this Add-on doubles as a theme, allowing you to enable toolbar styles, which suit your taste. Tab bar, Add-on bar and Address Bar and Navigation Buttons are also available for styling. You can have  Opera or Google Chrome style buttons and other appearances.

Tweak & Customize Firefox 4 UI With Stratiform Add-on
Firefox looks amazing after using this and frequent updates add-on. A must have add-on for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 users .

Download Stratiform Add-on Latest Stable Version from this link

Please note: This is still an Experimental Addon.   Experimental add-ons have been checked by Mozilla Firefox editors editors to make sure they don’t have security problems, but they may still have bugs or not work properly. Use caution when installing experimental add-ons and uninstall the add-on immediately if you notice problems.