TweakIE9 v2.0 Released – Free Download

TweakIE9 is a freeware portable tool that allows you to customize and tweak the latest Internet Explorer 9 features and settings, helping to greatly enhance the IE 9 browser and enable you to make it work the way you want it to. The free app lets you to customize and tweak the IE9 settings related to User Interface, Startup Behavior, Downloads, and Security Settings and so on.

The TweakIE9 team has recently updated the software to v2.0 with more features and functions in a new horizontal window layout that features tweaks for Internet Explorer 9 user interface (UI), startup, downloads, connection limits, and security.

TweakIE9 v2.0 Released - Free Download

Here is an overview of the available tweaks in TweakIE9 v2.0:

User Interface:

  • Enable Menu bar on Top
  • Menu bar always visible
  • Enable Links Band
  • Enable 3D-Border
  • Max rows on new tab
  • Show Status bar
  • Enable Tab Groups
  • Enable Command Bar
  • Use Clear Type


  • Start IE9 in Full screen
  • Make a custom homepage


  • Configure the maximum number of downloads
  • Perform check on exe file signature
  • Notify me when a download has completed
  • Change the downloads directory

IE 9 Search Provider:

  • Allow the end user to better manage search providers directly from TweakIE9


  • ActiveX Filtering
  • ActiveX Filter Exceptions
  • Manage Pop-up Settings
  • Tracking Protection List (TPL) Exceptions


  • Configure max number of connections


  • Make Special IE9 Shortcuts
  • IE9 Meta tag generator
  • Make custom search provider
  • Delete browsing history
  • Restore IE9 – Restores the user User Interface, Startup, and Security Settings
  • Reset IE9 settings to default condition

You can download TweakIE9 documentation to know more about each feature in detail. While there are many new tweaks added, the “make custom home page” feature has been removed in this release because the developer’s lack of time.

Download TweakIE9 2.0 From here.  TweakIE9 is portable and requires no installation, you can run it from anywhere directly without installation.