UnderCoverXP: CD DVD Cover Maker Freeware

Have you ever wanted to print the perfect cover for your home CDs or DVDs? What about that CD of your band? Your album’s cd cover needs a great look too, huh? We’d like to introduce you a CD DVD Cover Maker Freeware: UnderCoverXP.

UnderCoverXP is free software to easily print CD and DVD covers and labels.  It supports various image formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats to design CD and DVD covers and print them. It can can automatically scale front covers, back covers, front + inside, inlays, DVD Boxes, Digital Pictures and CD/DVD labels to the correct sizes. Other formats can be easily added via a graphical format editor.

UnderCoverXP is developed in C++ , so it does not require you to install any external libraries like .Net framework. This free CD DVD covert printer  has simple interface allowing you to work upon on cover design, format it with editor and best of all you get templates designed for your convenience which speeds up your work.

CD DVD Cover Maker

However, you cannot mix this program as designing tool, since it only provides utility for printing covers for CD cases in right scale. You can use a free image editor to design your CD/DVD cover. Although it looks as though you have to do most of the image manipulation before you import the image into the program. It’s not bad in fact, and worth a download if you’re in the need for such a beastie, especially since it’s available in a pretty impressive 27 languages. (English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Portugese, Polish, Macedonian, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Brazilian, Chzech, Latvian, Chinese, Japanese, Catalan, Arabic, Vietnamese and Slovak translations are included in the setup.)

[ Dowwnload UnderCoverXP ]    Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

UnderCoverXP let you scale your covers and labels with utmost ease and you print correct size covers for your job.

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