Unlock & Jailbreak Windows Mobile Phone 7 With ChevronWP7

Windows Phone 7 is recently released, if you own a Windows Phone 7 smartphone or if you are planning to buy one, you will be happy to know a new handy tool called ‘Chevron WP7’ that jailbreaks and unlocks any retail windows Phone 7 device. It allow you to deploy any third party Windows Phone 7 application without having to pay $99 per year for a Windows Mobile 7 marketplace account. For people who look for wider range of customization on Windows Phone 7 , this application is a must-have.

This WP7 jailbreak/unlock tool is compatible with every WP mobile 7 devices. It is very user friendly; users doesn’t need toward contain coding information toward operate this app. And this unlocking application has been tested and proved that it’s safe plus reliable to be used. It even allows you to relock the phone.

Unlock & Jailbreak Windows Mobile Phone 7 With ChevronWP7

Follow these guidelines to Unlock & Jailbreak your Windows Mobile Phone 7:

  • Download and install Zune desktop software.
  • Download and install  Windows Phone SDK, or simply download this registry key and execute it on your Windows machine with administrative access.
  • Connect your WP7 with your PC via USB cable.
  • Run Zune on your PC and sync your device on it. Make sure your device has a “full sync” relationship, and NOT “guest” relationship with the Zune software.
  • Make sure that your device is not locked with any PIN
  • Install certificate on phone using IE at http://chevronwp7.com/cert
  • Finally click on unlock button

Download Windows Phone 7 jailbreak / unlock tool at  http://www.chevronwp7.com/ . You can let the developers know  by leave comments on their site if this tool worked/didn’t work for you (with relevant system information).