USB Safely Remove Serial License Key For Free

USB Safely Remove is an enhanced and hassle-free USB device manager that fixes all annoyance related to the built-in Windows Safely Remove Hardware tool. It’s a neat and handy replacement for the standard Windows safe removal tool, and can saves your time and gives you more power on active work with flash drives, portable drives, card readers and other gadgets.

USB Safely Remove

USB Safely Remove Features:

  • USB Safely Remove tells you why a device cannot be stopped immediately and easily fix the device cannot be stopped right now error.
  • Offers an original and multifunctional stopping menu, which displays actual device names with icons. Using this menu you can find and stop a device in a snap! Also, this menu allows you to rename a device, change a device image, hide a device from the menu, scan for hardware changes, stop all devices at once.
  • Program autorun on device connection\disconnection. The autorun feature allows you to  set up data backup before disconnecting a removable hard drive, to run Total Commander with the contents of the pen-drive, automatically unmount an encrypted TrueCrypt drive before disconnecting the USB media, etc.
  • A powerful and convenient command line allows you to automate work with devices. For example, you can automatically stop devices according to schedule or in case of any other event.
  • “Return device back” feature to return the yet-to-unplug device back in one click without physically replug the device.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy device stopping.
  • Working with any hot-plug devices – USB, SATA, FireWire, PCMCIA
  • Ejecting memory cards rather than the card reader
  • Hiding drives of empty card reader slots
  • Power off drives on stopping in Vista & Win 7

USB Safely Remove Serial License Key For Free:

The latest version of USB Safely Remove is USB Safely Remove 5.2 which normally costs  $19.90 USD. But giveaway of the Day (GOTD) in cooperation with the developer  is  giving away free serial license key for USB Safely Remove 5.2 to everyone for today only (September 02, 2014)

To grab your free copy, just go to the giveaway page, enter required details and and hit “I want the license” button.

USB Safely Remove Giveaway

You will soon receive an email from “USB Safely Remove ”, including your free registration name / registration code for USB Safely Remove V5.2.

There are no restrictions with the free license except you can use the program only with the current version 5.2. If you wish to upgrade to any future versions (and even to downgrade to a previous one) you have to purchase the lifetime license.