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Viber FREE VoIP Calls and Texts App for Android Free Download

Viber, one of the most popular application on iPhone which allow users to make International free calls and send text to other Viber users using 3G or Wi-Fi, has finally available for all Android smartphone users.  Similar to Viber for iOS version, Viber for Android is available as a free download, and does not requires a PIN, username or any additional “in application” purchase to enjoy the full functionality of free voice calling and text messaging between iOS and Android Viber users.

Viber for Android has all the compelling features of the iOS version, plus a few extras we saw in the limited beta, including a full call screen, pop-up text message notifications, in-app call logs, and a cool slick UI of a default dialer.

Why use Viber vs. other VoIP (Voice Over IP) Solutions:

Viber differs from most VoIP services in that it doesn’t demand registration; instead, it uses your existing phone number and contact list. When installed, Viber searches through your phonebook and checks out which of your phone contacts and friends is already on Viber so that you can call and text them for free via your phone’s data connection – either WiFi or mobile data network such as 3G or 4G – rather than via your carrier. It’s probably best to have an unlimited data plan, however, since VoIP calls over 3G can get use up a lot of data. There is also cross-platform support, Viber on Android can can call free to your iPhone friends who have Viber on their phone, and vice versa. Interested in being one of them? Check the video overview of how Viber works after the break.

Now watch below video overview of how Viber works:

Previously, Viber for Android is released as limited beta where an invite is required. Now, with the official availability of Viber on Android Market, a prior invitation is no longer needed. Download Viber FREE VoIP Calls and Texts App for Android for Android from Android Market. Requires Android version 2.0 or higher.

* DON’T KILL YOUR VIBER: To make sure you always get incoming calls/messages notifications, the developer strongly recommend you to keep Viber running in the background. They claims this doesn’t drain your battery or use up memory and improves your Viber experience.

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