Video Converter Factory Pro Review

Video Converter Factory Pro is a windows application to convert videos in all popular formats, such as AVI, MP4, DAT, MPG, MPEG, H.264, NSV, VOB, MOV, FLV, MKV etc and it also can convert video to all popular portable devices, such as iPhone, iPod, PSP etc.. I have to say, this video converter really impressed me. It does quite a good job of converting video and it is very fast, even on a two-year old laptop with only 1GB RAM. And the output video is excellent. This app is about video conversion, nothing more, nothing less. Below is Video Converter Factory Pro screenshots.

With a test I did first video converter, I had exactly the same quality while the video converter was nearly 50% smaller in weight, which is a very good thing. Since the application is really quick, it is worthwhile to buy an application like this to convert your videos quickly to what you want. And Video Converter Factory Pro indeed is a powerful video converter and it builds in 150 video formats, and the Merge Video, Clip Video, and specially effect can rich my videos. So I usually make my own videos, my wife and daughter had been addicted the videos which I made, it make my family make full use of the wonderful time. This video converter is really quite versatile.

Especially the advanced setting makes me very satisfied. You can freely adjust various parameters like framerate, bitrate, resolution etc. This function will make my videos to achieve the best results. But I have to say that I find the default conversion profiles a bit peculiar. If you want good quality visuals, you surely want good quality sound, isn’t it? To get a decent quality, the bitrate for sound should be at least 128Kbps. So, you must adjust those standard profiles in order to get the right result. Fortunately, there are enough options to tweak the profiles and the application is easy to work with.

By the way, I don’t like the black skin. If this video converter could support change skin, it would be the best video converter.

Anyhow, it is still a very good video converter and it is worth having for everybody.