Vimx Partition Recovery Free Download Full Version

Vimx Partition Recovery is an advanced and easy to use data recovery utility which purposes to deal with lost partition recovery, backup MBR and partition information, restore MBR and Disk Partition Table, etc. When the partition is accidentally deleted or damaged due to a hardware or software failure, the partition will become invisible. Vimx Partition Recovery can help users recover the deleted partition with the data inside in just a few clicks, as long as the data has not been overwritten. Further more, Vimx Partition Recovery can also help user backup MBR and partition information, restore MBR and partition information, fixMBR and fixBoot, burn CD and USB sticks.

Featured in its simple and friendly interface, Vimx Partition Recovery is very easy to use; users don’t need to be a technical wizard to enjoy the benefits of Vimx Partition Recovery. Just within a few clicks, the lost partition can be recovered successfully.

Vimx Partition Recovery

Vimx Partition Recovery Features available in Giveaway Edition:

  • Easy and Instantly recover deleted or lost partitions
  • Backup Disk Partition Table and MBR.
  • Restore Disk Partition Table and MBR.

Vimx Partition Recovery Features Only available in Professional Edition

  • Fix boot crash caused by MBR error, such as Missing operating system, black screen with no information, etc.
  • Fix boot crash caused by boot sector error.
  • Full access to non-bootable PC, Vimx Partition Recovery Live CD, giving you access to your computer even if Windows can’t boot up or Windows is completely broken.


Vimx Partition Recovery Free Download Full Version with Registration Key

Vimx Partition Recovery is normally priced at $35.00 per serial number / registration key. To celebrate the approaching Christmas, the developers launched a Christmas day Giveaway activity: all people could download a totally free, giveaway full edition of  Vimx Partition Recovery as a Christmas  gift.  Anyone can engage in this activity on this page. This giveaway is valid until December25, 2012.

Along with Vimx Partition Recovery, Vimx is also offering YesShield Full Version for Free till 25 December 2012.

Thanks to Erica from Vimx software for informing me about this promo.