VoodooShield Pro Free 1 Year Serial Key

With thousands of new viruses created every day, traditional blacklist antivirus companies cannot possibly keep up with all of the new viruses. So VoodooShield offers users a completely new approach to safeguarding their Windows PC. Unlike traditional antivirus software, VoodooShield is not a filter, it is a computer lock. Basically, instead of trying to block all of the bad stuff, VoodooShield simply allow only the good stuff.

The user simply starts the programs they normally use when VoodooShield is in Training Mode. VoodooShield then learns the software you use and automatically create the white list. Once the computer is trained, the user can then switch to Smart Mode or Always On mode, and it will then block everything (including viruses) that is not on the white list when you are at risk, thus providing an extremely high level of security. Plus if VoodooShield blocks a file, you have the options to allow it or automatically upload the file to VirusTotal for analysis with 40+ continuously updated blacklist scans. You can also drag and drop to VoodooShield!

How VoodooShield Works

Keep in mind, VoodooShield is not traditional AntiVirus Software, and will not remove existing viruses from your computer. However, if your computer is virus free, VoodooShield may protect your computer from ever getting viruses and malware. VoodooShield also works great with most or all traditional AntiVirus software, and it never hurts to have additional layers of security.

VoodooShield Free 1 Year Full Version Serial Key

Updated (October 18, 2014): VoodooShield is now available as Freeware for Non-Commercial Use. Download Here. The freeware version has some limitations compared to the pro version such as it lacks the the ability to reset or edit the whitelist.


  • For your PC’s safety, it is recommended that you create a System Restore point before you install the app. This will help restore your PC to an earlier state in case something ever goes wrong in the future.
  • Since VoodooShield is completely different from traditional antivirus software, it is VITAL that you understand how it works in order to use it properly.

VoodooShield Pro is normally priced at $19.99 per serial number / license key. But to celebrate the release of VoodooShield 2.0, VoodooShield are offering one free year of VoodooShield Pro! Offer ends November 11th, 2014.

Please visit the following link and enter your email address and password to setup your account. Once submitted, you will be given a download link — just download and install it. After installation, right-click on the VoodooShield icon and select the “Register” option. You can find the icon in the lower-right corner of your screen.  Then enter your pro license (the email address and password you used above) in the registration screen to unlock all of the features and settings.