WinCatalog 2014 Free Full Version Download

WinCatalog is a disk catalog software for indexing the contents of CDs, DVDs, Hard Drives, Flash Drives and more. It is not always an easy task to track where some files are located especially if you have a large collection of CDs and DVDs. WinCatalog makes it simple to catalog and search various media for files, documents, images, and music no matter where they’re stored!

Simply process your CDs and DVDs with WinCatalog once, the program will remember where each file, image, or music track is stored and allows you to find any file from the collection in a matter of seconds without having to reach for the original CD or DVD. Moreover, WinCatalog Standard will tell you on what shelf the necessary disk is located. All you’ll have to do will be reach for it and take it.

Besides to a simple filename remembering WinCatalog also keeps additional information about most files.

WinCatalog 2014

WinCatalog makes managing your collection much easier: you can divide it by virtual (blue) folders and add to the catalog not only disks and folders, but also the individual files. There is one more feature: WinCatalog supports non-file items enabling you to catalog your books, videos or even postage stamps and coins!

Key Features:

  • Creates an index of all the files on all your disks.
  • It can process archive contents and add all archives files into the database as well.
  • It can process music files (MP3 in general) and extract information about the composition (artist name, song title, etc) and about the audio file itself (duration, bit rate, number of channels, etc).
  • It can keep thumbnails for most popular image files like JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO.
  • It can keep thumbnails for video files (codecs are required to be installed).
  • WinCatalog can extract album covers from MP3 files and keep them in the catalog as well.
  • WinCatalog parses text files and keeps a part of text for preview.
  • WinCatalog can parse HTML files (stored web pages) and extract Titles and other meta data.

WinCatalog 2014 Free Full Version Download

WinCatalog is normally at $29.95 USD per serial number / license key. Digiarty Software Inc teams up with WinCatalog to offer a giveaway of WinCatalog 2014 (version 11). Giveaway valid till August 16, 2015.

WinCatalog 2014 is not the latest version on its branch because the developer has released WinCatalog 2015 (version 15) software sometime ago. But this does not mean in any way that WinCatalog 2014 is useless or obsolete. The features available are still current and compatible with the needs of a regular user.

To take advantage and see more software giveaways, please visit this link, and press the Download button to download the giveaway installer (note though the giveaway page says WinCatalog 2015, it is in fact a giveaway of WinCatalog 2014). The installation package is pre-registered, and no registration key is needed.

WinCatalog 2014 Giveaway

To run WinCatalog 2014 you will need a computer with one of the following operating system installed. The list of operating system supported by WinCatalog 2014: Windows 2000, XP, Vista (all versions), 7 (all versions), 8/8.1 (runs as desktop application). You may also be needed to download Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package from Microsoft web site.