Windows 8 and office 2015 release date leaked

Although Windows 7 was released for  just six months, while office 2010 just released less than one month. The development of the next generation of Windows client and Office components has been more than a year. An ex-Microsoft employee appears to have leaked the release date for Windows 8 — as well as Windows Server 2012 and Office 2015.

images of windows 8

Stephen Chapman notes on his site that things he’s been able to unearth by doing extensive research on the next version of Microsoft’s popular productivity suite. In addition, Analysts forecast Windows 8 may now have access to Milestone 1 development stage. Of course, Microsoft is completely mum on the Windows 8 project, and the company is expected to remain that way until the Beta drops, sometime in mid-2011. If all goes well, Microsoft could release Windows 8 around the summer of 2012, and office 15 (May be named as office 2012) before the end of 2012.

We’ll also undoubtedly gleen more insight based on the UI of future Windows 8 betas.

Windows 8 picture