Windows 8 M3 Build 7989 (64-bit Build 7989 from Winmain Branch) Leaked Download

Fresh screenshots from a Milestone 3 copy of Windows 8 leaked to the Internet on Friday. And now that new version of Windows 8 has been leaked to the file sharing sites. This time it is 64-bit Windows 8 of M3 (milestone 3) build 6.2.7989.0 with full build string of 6.2.7989.0.amd64fre.winmain.110421-1825, apparently from winmain branch, the branch that typically get released as a beta, RC or RTM. The build string also indicates that the build is compiled and signed off on April 11, 2011, which  is actually pretty old and hence does not reflect the current state of Windows 8 winmain builds.

Windows 8 Milestone 3 Build 7989 Leaked Screenshots - beta fish

There have been several major leaks of Windows 8 builds in the last couple of months. Compared with previous builds, this new leak brings such a change as the immersive UI (patched shsxs.dll for unlock required), new Aero in “Metro-style”, a new bootscreen with a Betta fish, new “Language Switcher” interface on Taskbar, new interface to enable or disable Windows functions, new History Vault interface, new progress indicator during installation of equipment, and the new background image, which like the previous one again contains cryptic crossword with new letters in it. However, some features such as user tiles have been locked and hidden instead.

Windows 8 Milestone 3 Build 7989 - the new background image

The build is also found to be much more stable that previously leaked builds. So for people who interested, the leaked 64-bit version of Windows 8 M3 Build 7989 is now available for download via BT torrent.

File Name: 6.2.7989.0.amd64fre.winmain.110421-1825.iso
Size: 3.54 GB (3,229,550,592 bytes)
CRC32: 374EC90D
MD5: 4480F94C0E11CE58DC9B7330678F07DD
SHA-1: C09CDCEC2540D93EEBE650B521B2F7AE477A300A
Public (Torrent): 6.2.7989.0.amd64fre.winmain.110421-1825.iso.torrent

Download Link | Alternate Link


  • There’s no confirmation that this build is genuine and it’s been out for more than long enough now for virus and malware writers to have injected code into it before releasing it to torrent sites. You should always therefore be very careful when downloading anything that isn’t directly from an official company website.
  • Keep in mind that toying with leaked releases is always fraught with  danger, such as unstable and unfit for daily usage. Nevertheless, if you  are really desperate to get a taste of Windows 8, I suggest you always  try it on Virtual Machine such as VirtualBox.
  • It’s widely believed that the beta version of Windows 8 will be released soon, possibly  as soon as this fall when the BUILD event is held.