Winners of FBVPN VPN Accounts Giveaway Contest

FBVPN, which bills themselves as faster and better VPN, is one of the world’s top VPN service provider with several servers located in different part of USA and UK. FBVPN ensures your real IP is well protected by replacing your IP with a US/UK IP address which allows you to bypass blocked website in your office, collage and even country.Β  Unlike many other VPNs, FBVPN can work with any operating system, regardless of whether you prefer Mac OS, Linux, Windows, or even mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile. There is also no restriction on speed or the amount of data you transfer.

FBVPN Faster and Better VPN

We ran a free giveaway for this vpn service on Aug 14, 2011. And it is now time to announce the winners. We promised to provide 100 ( one hundred ) free FBVPN accounts which valid for three months, as a reward for all our loyal readers and visitors! Since there are only 55 people participated in this giveaway, every one will get a free FBVPN account. I have sent the email list to FBVPN, and they will help you set it up on your computers and ensure you can use it. Please be patient for account deliver.

Updated: VPN Account information has been sent by FBVPN, please check you email for it.

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]

[email protected]

For above 2 users, please comment below with a valid email address, so we can sent you the free vpn accounts.