Winners of VpnTraffic VPN Accounts Giveaway Contest

We  ran a Free Premium VPN Accounts Giveaway Contest a week ago on August 2, 2011.

For people who wants to try out VPNTraffic VPN service, we have 10 1-month & 3 3-month VPNTraffic vpn accounts (USA ip) to giveaway, free of charge. Thanks to VPNtraffic for sponsoring this giveaway.

And now I will announce the winners. Below is the list of 13 lucky winners generated with the help (The first 3 win a 3-month VPNTraffic vpn accounts, and the 4-13 will get a 1-month VPNTraffic vpn accounts).

VpnTraffic VPN Accounts Giveaway winners

I congratulate these winners and I will send the Free VPN Accounts to the winners A.S.A.P.

Updated: Free vpn accounts have been sent to the winners. Please check your email for it.