WinZip Courier 3.5 Free Activation Code

Zip, encrypt, and safely deliver large files without skipping a beat! WinZip Courier is a paid compression and encryption tool developed by WinZip Computing for Windows, which delivers the power of WinZip where it’s needed most – your email system. This easy-to-use tool seamlessly integrates with your email application to automatically zip and protect outgoing files as you work. Simply write your e-mail, attach your files, and click Send – Courier does the rest. Because it works behind the scenes with Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail by Google, and Windows Live Hotmail, Courier takes the worry and frustration out of emailing attachments without adding any unnecessary steps.

WinZip Courier automatically compresses large attachments into smaller, manageable packages that deliver faster and cause fewer issues. Files still too big? WinZip Courier can send up to 2GB per message via the ZipSend web service! Sending confidential information? Email messages can be easily intercepted as they skip across multiple routers, switches, and servers to reach their final destinations, putting any attached files at risk. Use Couriers 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption to password-protect your attachments from unauthorized access. WinZip Courier combines strong encryption with temporary file wiping/shredding to ensure the security of attachments shared over email. Harness the power of WinZip and start sending smaller, safer email – automatically. Try WinZip Courier today.

WinZip Courier

 WinZip Courier Key Features:

  1. Seamless Microsoft integration –  Courier integrates with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint so that you can compress, encrypt, and email open documents directly from within their associated applications.
  2. Automatic file compression – Automatically zip outgoing email attachments using WinZip’s world-leading file compression technology. Now you can send thousands of files in smaller, organized packages that transfer faster and cause fewer server issues.
  3. Freedom from file size limits – Send up to 2GB of files without the hassles associated with oversized email attachments!
  4. Completely secure file delivery – Password-protect your email attachments with 128-bit of 256-bit AES encryption! Courier also employs temporary file wiping/shredding to ensure the security of attachments shared over email.
  5. One-step image resizing – Resize, zip, and email hundreds of image attachments in one simple step! This ensures that your photos and graphics are delivered faster and in a more convenient viewing size
  6. Easy attachment browsing – Browse the contents of incoming zipped attachments without having to extract files. In the Microsoft Office preview pane, simply click on the Zip file’s icon to expand a list of its contents. You can also open/edit individual files directly from this list.

WinZip Courier 3.5 Activation Code / Serial Number

WinZip Courier is normally priced at $24.95 per serial number / activation code. WinZip is closing in on one billion downloads. To say thanks, for a limited time, WinZip Computing company are giving away winzip courier 3.5 absolutely plus a chance to win a 60″ HDTV.  WinZip Courier 3.5 is not the latest version because the developer has released WinZip Courier 4.0 sometime ago. Though winzip courier 3.5 is old version it is still very good and many of you may need.

WinZip Courier 3.5 Free Giveaway

To grab a free activation code for  WinZip Courier 3.5, simply go to this giveaway page, click on “Already have WinZip 16.5?” button (or click on the DOWNLOAD WINZIP button which will also install Winzip for you). Then enter you name, email address, and submit. Your Free WinZip Courier 3.5 download (online installer) as well as the Registration/activation code will be immediately displayed. Download WinZip Courier 3.5 from this link (offline installer). Be sure to un-check the box where it attempts to install AVG Security Toolbar (or Kaspersky Security Scan) during Installation.