Wise Anti Malware Pro Free 1 Year Full Version

Wise Anti Malware Pro is a powerful and reliable security software whose main purpose is to keep your computer malware-free as well as running smoothly. With the newest Avira antivirus engine and the completed virus database, Wise Anti Malware help you defend against all kinds of threats such as virus, malware, adware, phishing, spyware, ransomware and potentially unwanted applications (PUA/PUP).

Wise Anti Malware Pro

Furthermore, Wise Anti Malware keeps an eye on pop-up advertisement apps or AD shortcut and remove them quickly. If you download a program from unsafe / unknown website, it may contain AD-supported application, and once it is installed on your computer, you will keep seeing pop-up Ads, news or else. Wise Anti Malware can clean such kind of application, fix IE homepage settings, remove AD desktop shortcuts.

Wise Anti Malware can also help you clean up disk, remove temporary files created by Windows system and applications, clean internet history, cache files, cookies of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and other Chromium browsers (Comodo Dragon, SRWare Iron, RockkMelt, Pale Moon, Yandex, Vivaldi).

Wise Anti Malware Pro Free 1 Year Full Version

Wise Anti Malware Pro Edition normally costs $39.95 per serial number/ license key. But Sharewareonsale are having a giveaway of Wise Anti Malware Pro v, where everyone can download a 1 year full version copy for free.

You can visit SharewareOnSale (SOS) promo page here during giveaway period and press the “Download Wise Anti Malware Now” button then fill a form to get your free full version (you may use 10-minute Mail service to avoid spam).

Alternatively, you can simply download giveaway installer from this link. The download is an exclusive giveaway installer with registration built-in. It can support upgrading, but has 1-year using time limitation.

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