WorkFlowy Pro Free 1 Year Subscription

Half to-do list, half planning software, WorkFlowy is one of the most intuitive productivity apps that makes it easy to keep up with everything you need to do, online. WorkFlowy works by creating expandable lists that lets you see both the 40,000 foot view as well as what needs to get done today. This way you can check your WorkFlowy and know exactly what you need to work on instead of reacting to “urgent” emails, notifications, and office visits. All your WorkFlowy data is stored oneline with industry-standard secure measures, which means you can access it anywhere, from any computer. WorkFlowy also offers free apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android.

WorkFlowy Pro


  • Infinitely nested lists
  • Zoom in on any sub-list
  • Tag and filter list items
  • Beautiful interface on your computer
  • Full offline functionality
  • Automatic syncing between your phone, tablet and computer
  • Collaborate with others
  • Add notes to any list item
  • Simply tap to edit
  • Quick expand and collapse lists
  • Mark items as complete
  • Full text search
  • Much, much more

WorkFlowy Pro Free 1 Year Subscription

WorkFlowy Pro plan (which includes unlimited usage, themes, backups, and password protected team sharing) would normally costs you $49/year.  But as part of the promo offer by AppSumo, you get it 100% FREE! (no credit card required). Giveaway valid before September 1st, 2015.

To grab your free 1 year subscription to WorkFlowy Pro

1. Visit the redemption link here (your code has already been applied)

2. Click “Get A Free Year” to get your deal

3. Choose between “I have an account” (existing users) and “I am new to WorkFlowy” (new users)

4. Create account or login and get started!

5. Enjoy!