YesShield Free Download Full Version

YesShield is a newly launched application designed for computer users to restore their system back to its original state after a reboot, so that users can protect their computer system and surf the internet securely. Once the computer system enters protection mode, YesShield will create a virtual environment on the computer, and then enables to prevent the real environment against malicious activities, unwanted changes or potential threats like virus, spyware and human errors. With YesShield, users can also flexibly specify some of the partitions under protection and leaving the others excluded from protection.

The software seems to be a rebranded version of Shadow Defender.


The Key Features of YesShield

  • Keep MBR Safe. It keeps system MBR untouched. YesShield won’t make changes on MBR
  • Prevent important folders or files from being changed after a reboot
  • Prevent system from viruses and malicious software
  • Reduce system downtime and maintenance costs
  • Test new game and software in a safe environment

YesShield Free Download Full Version

YesShield is normally priced at $35.00 per serial number / license key, and comes with a free 30-day trial. Christmas is just around the corner. To celebrate, the developers launched a Christmas day Giveaway activity: all people could download a totally free giveaway full edition of  YesShield as a Christmas  gift. The giveaway edition is a full version of YesShield, which does not require code to register. Anyone can engage in this activity on this page. This giveaway is valid until December25, 2012.

Thanks to “Erica” for informing me about this promo.